Something good could come out of the Pandora’s box

According to Greek mythology, Pandora’s box does not have to be opened. Because such a box contains all the unwanted troubles and nuisances. Curse can come down not only to the individual or society, but to a larger scale. It could even be for the whole of mankind. Kovid-19 or Coronao is such a curse? Did anyone do something unknowingly or with a terrible intention? Maybe history will one day answer all these questions.

Discussions on Pandora Papers have been going on worldwide for several days. A team of investigative journalists has found out how much wealth is hidden in a prominent person in a country or even a person holding a top position in the state or government. We’ve seen the Panama Papers and a few other similar searches before. But I want to remember – there are people all over the world who have a deep faith in the idea that I have put cotton in my eyes and cotton in my ears. They do not hesitate to swell their chests in the middle of the road like two deaf people, even if they looted the state treasury of their country and stored it abroad and it was leaked at the initiative of an inquisitive person or organization. But what if a country or even a good thing for mankind comes out of the Pandora’s box without a curse or a nuisance?

Returning to Bangladesh after attending the UN General Assembly, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, however, requested to find such a box. On October 4, he spoke openly with the news staff at Ganobhaban. A few journalists in front of him, another group in another room – they were sitting under the restrictions of the Corona period. But in the front or next room, wherever you sit – you have an equal opportunity to ask questions. More importantly, the Prime Minister spoke for two hours and 20 minutes continuously, of which 8-10 minutes at the beginning spoke about the activities of himself and the Bangladesh delegation at the UN General Assembly. He also spoke for most of the remaining two hours. But that was the answer to the question. And here comes the question of opening the Pandora’s box. There is nothing evil in his Pandora’s box, one after another has come out with thoughts and plans for the welfare of the country and the ten. He did not hesitate to answer any questions. Didn’t bother.

On the occasion of Mujib Year, Bangabandhu Kanya has given shelter to thousands of families. One hundred and three of these houses have been accused of poor quality. Why this happened – the question has been rising for months. To this question, the Prime Minister said- Bangabandhu wanted no one to be homeless. He was not given time. That’s what I’m doing now. There have been irregularities in the construction of very few houses. And some houses have been ruined by naughty people who have tried to ruin a good initiative. Who is involved in this heinous crime, why journalists do not find them?

In this context, he explained why Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman formed Bangladesh Krishak Sramik Awami League or Bakshal in 1975. He said Bangabandhu’s power was not less. The people trusted him. He promoted all the subdivisions into districts. The responsibility of the district head was handed over to the governor. He will be elected. The main responsibility in the upazila or the police station of that time was to be vested in the elected governor. Thus he wanted to decentralize power, to reduce his own power. So how did he want dictatorship? Bangabandhu wanted to introduce cooperative system in agriculture.

Each farmer received a share of the crop according to his land. He wanted to revive agriculture, not just paddy or jute. Today Bangladesh is self-sufficient in food. Self-sufficient in fish and vegetables. We have been inspired to achieve this goal by the Father of the Nation. We want to export agricultural products. For this, as crop production has to be increased, emphasis has to be laid on conservation. “We have changed the concept of cold storage,” she said. One temperature storage facility does not work for all crops. It is not possible to have the same system in all the planes for export. We are trying to bring change in this case

He emphasized on research to improve the health system. In this case, he expects special initiative from teachers. He said if anyone wants to do research, the money will be allocated. But if someone teaches in Dhaka or Rajshahi University one day and gives it in a private university the other day, then it will not work. He has to spend time in research at his own institution. “I’m a politician,” he joked. If I want to be a model as well as a politician, will it be okay? ’He told reporters, adding that their research opportunities are endless. Injustice-mistakes-errors must be investigated by them. At the same time they need to make people aware. Some people did not want the state of Bangladesh to be established. They did not want to give Bangabandhu time to rebuild the war-torn country after independence. A basket case or floorless basket was left by the Pakistanis.

Bangabandhu has worked hard to make that country stand on its own feet. But a group of people conspired against Bangabandhu. They carried out the brutal massacre on 15 August. They killed hundreds of people in the army and air force in October 1986. Ziaur Rahman is their leader. The successors of this evil power want to hand over Bangladesh to the militant group. They are the ones who committed the brutal murder of Holy Artisan on July 1, 2016. But they did not succeed. They could not stop the trial of Bangabandhu murder.

The trial of war criminals could not be stopped. Those who are encouraged by the success of the Taliban in Afghanistan do not want the welfare of the people. Women do not want the society to move forward. Export baux, remittances do not want to exceed ৮ 46 billion. However, they are always eager to harm the country. He called upon the journalists to make the people aware about the activities of this force. Journalists can tell who is paying them, who is sponsoring them.

He called on the world community, especially developed and influential countries, to increase support for Rohingya refugees to return to their homeland. He asked those who want to trade with the Rohingyas to take off their masks.

Coroner requested that vaccine production be made available to all. If Bangladesh gets the formula, it can produce the vaccine at a lower price and give it to the least developed countries. Leaders of many countries are now saying that they want a concerted effort to save mankind. Bangladesh has just crossed the borders of the least developed countries and wants to become a developing country like Qatar. Sheikh Hasina is the leader of such a country. He is not only trying to change the destiny of the people of his country, he is thinking of many more countries. Thinking of their well-being. He is using the UN forum and other international forums for this. In his address to the UN General Assembly, he sought the help of developed countries to make more use of modern information technology in the field of education. Specifically to increase investment in technology transfer and teacher training. Will the UN take this initiative?

Author- Ekushey Medal winning journalist.

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