That’s why Facebook is down

Worldwide, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram services were shut down for about 8 hours. The servers of these social media were down on Monday (October 4) from 9:15 pm to 3:30 am. This is the biggest outage in the history of Facebook.

The downfall of Facebook has happened before, but only in certain locations or in some countries. However, this is the first time such an incident has taken place where all services were closed at the Facebook headquarters. Even Facebook employees who work in online workplaces are not able to login.

Anyway, now everyone’s question is what really happened? The main reason for this was the problem of Facebook’s DNS (Domain Name System) system. Usually a computer network system works depending on how many IPs (Internet Protocols). That is, when one computer communicates with another computer, it communicates with each other through the IP address in China.

Similarly, when we access a website or server on the Internet, we basically access that server through its assigned IP address. Each server has a specific Internet IP that is unique (unlike any other mobile number). For example, one of the many IPs on Facebook is, but it is never possible for a common man to remember so many IP addresses, so DNS (Domain Name System) is used to solve it easily. Whose job is to convert the IP address to the name.

For example, when we write, this DNS technology first finds out what is the IP address of’s server, then connects us to and that server’s IP address and sends us to the server, in the same way whenever we The same procedure is used in every case when entering the website, we do not have to bother to remember the IP, just remember the address of the website.

Now the question is, if there is a DNS problem on Facebook, why will it affect WhatsApp and Instagram as well? The answer is – everyone uses Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp data in one server system and in the field of database connectivity in the backend, everyone uses Facebook’s DNS system (, so there is a problem with Facebook’s DNS.

However, an explanation has been given to the Facebook engineering team that “they have undergone some changes in the configuration of the network routing system due to which the connection with the main server has been cut off.”

In the end, it could be a DNS issue or a router issue, because of an error in the network system. However, when this problem occurs, we were able to ping some Facebook IPs, but we were not able to ping

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg has lamented the disruption to the use of social media Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.
“I’m sorry for today’s inconvenience,” he said. I know how much you depend on these services to keep in touch with the people you care about.

The exchange of messages on these media outlets stopped shortly after 9pm on Monday (October 4). Millions of users around the world are in trouble. In this tweet message around 4.30 pm, the Facebook authorities confirmed that the server was activated.
Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are back online again, Facebook CEO said.

In a tweet on Tuesday morning, WhatsApp said, “I apologize to everyone who could not use our service today.” WhatsApp has started working slowly and carefully. We are grateful to you for your patience. Everyone will be informed about the updated information.

According to the British news agency Reuters, the share price of Facebook fell by 5 and a half percent on Monday in the news of the disturbance. Social media is going through the worst day in the stock market in almost a year.
And the Independent says that such a large scale disturbance is very rare in the history of Facebook. However, in these cases, Facebook usually does not publish much information, the mouth is locked.

In 2019, they also fell into large-scale mechanical complications. That problem was seen while doing maintenance work. The company’s services were disrupted just days before Francis Haugen, a former Facebook employee, was due to testify in the US Senate.
Facebook authorities have faced widespread criticism, as well as an investigation by the U.S. Senate, over Facebook’s internal documents leaked by Haugen.

Facebook now has 290 crore monthly active users. This means that this amount of accounts from around the world is logged into social media at least once a month. Four crore 80 lakh of these users live in Bangladesh. On the other hand, 1.2 billion people worldwide are using WhatsApp.

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