The Taliban have expressed frustration

The Taliban have expressed frustration

No country has yet recognized the Taliban government in Afghanistan. The group expressed frustration over this.
Amir Khan Muttaki, the Taliban’s foreign minister, said that although all US troops and civilians were allowed to go safely, they had now become arbitrary.

Taliban leaders called for immediate recognition of all countries, including the United States. However, anti-Taliban protests continue across the country.

Thousands of Afghans have also protested in the southern city of Kandahar. Residents protested after Taliban members ordered the evacuation of a residential army colony on Tuesday. Women are at the forefront of it.

Amid small and large demonstrations across the country, the Afghan government says it wants foreign cooperation and recognition. The Taliban’s foreign minister also said that the current behavior of the United States is not acceptable. He said Washington was acting like an enemy by withholding money from Kabul, despite allowing US troops and civilians to leave safely.

Afghanistan was a war-torn country. There are always bombs here. There has been damage. Many things have been destroyed. We need development. This requires foreign cooperation. Investment in education, health and infrastructure development is very important.

Meanwhile, questions have been raised about whether Mullah Baradar, one of the Taliban’s top leaders and the new government’s deputy prime minister, has died. However, the Taliban has denied his death.

Qatar has said it will not operate Kabul airport without a clear agreement from all sides in Afghanistan, including the Taliban.

Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani made the remarks at a news conference on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, there has been a heated debate in the US Congress over the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. At the time, Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken defended his actions.

The Taliban took over the country on August 15 after the fall of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. Last week, the United States withdrew its military members altogether. With this, the United States has ended its 20-year rule in Afghanistan.

The fragile economy of the war-torn country is plagued by various classes of businessmen, and the problem of unemployment is becoming more apparent day by day. In addition, analysts say that the situation could be even worse if the decision is taken without alternative measures.

On September 6, the Taliban announced that they would occupy the whole of Afghanistan. On September 8, the group formed a caretaker government with its own members.

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