Only 10 years left to be a terrible disaster in the world!

Corona thinks the epidemic is terrible, but a more terrible disaster is coming for human civilization. The name of that horror is climate change. As a result of environmental pollution, climate change is slowly getting out of control. The earth’s temperature is rising. Melting polar ice. The water of the sea and the river is leaving the danger line. The lowlands are sinking.

Natural disasters like heavy rains, floods and cyclones are increasing, fires are increasing. Millions of people are being forced to leave their homes. As the number of natural disasters around the world increases, so does the number of displaced people.

According to a World Bank report, 218 million people will be homeless in the next three decades due to climate change. The international lender has warned that the situation could worsen if urgent steps are not taken to reduce global carbon emissions and reduce resource inequality.

According to a report by APR Al Jazeera, the World Bank has recently released a report on ‘Groundswell’. It says climate change is causing water shortages, declining crop production and rising sea levels. The agency fears that by 2050, millions of people in six regions could become ‘climate migrants’. If the situation is not under control, the horror will start by 2030, which will get out of control by 2050. At risk are Latin America, North America, sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, South Asia and East Asia and the Pacific.

On the other hand, even if all climate-friendly initiatives are taken, including reducing carbon emissions, inclusive economy and sustainable development, at least 44 million people will be forced to leave their homes.

According to a World Bank study, sub-Saharan Africa is considered the most vulnerable region due to its fragile coastline and population dependence on agriculture in the worst case scenario of climate change, and the number of migrants will be higher than this region. Now 68 million people are migrating from one place to another within the borders of the country.

However, the number of climate migrants in North Africa will not be less. There are 19 million people who are migrating to the climate, which is about 9 percent of the total population. As the water crisis intensifies in northeastern Tunisia, northwestern Algeria, western and southern Morocco, and the central Atlas, so many people are migrating here.

According to the report, 35.7 million people may be climate migrants in South Asia. Half of the climate migrants in South Asia will be Bangladeshis. About 20 million people in the country are at risk of migrating by 2050, as floods and crop failures are hampered unless urgent action is taken. The number of women will be more. 1 crore 33 lakh people in the coastal areas of the country are at risk of migrating due to climate change.

The report further warns that immigration hotspots could appear within the next decade and become more intense by 2050. This requires urgent planning to help the areas where the climate migrants will relocate and those who will be in the areas they have left behind. Uncontrolled disasters will come down from the next decade if we do not act quickly.

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