Afghan women continue to protest against the Taliban

After seizing power in Afghanistan, the Taliban has been increasingly oppressing and discriminating against women. Afghan women have protested against the group’s move at the risk of their lives.

Geopolitical analyst Fabien Baussart wrote in the Times of Israel that before the occupation of Kabul, the Taliban had announced that women’s rights would be protected during their rule. Women will have the right to education and the group will not create any obstacles in their work. But after taking power, the Taliban did not keep their previous promises. As a result, anti-Taliban sentiment among women became apparent. The country’s women continue to protest against the Taliban.

In addition, the Taliban is trying to silence the media in Afghanistan. The Taliban have detained a number of journalists in Kabul for reporting on protests by women against the Taliban. The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), an organization working on the rights of journalists worldwide, has called on the Taliban to stop arresting journalists in Afghanistan and allow the media to operate independently.

Steven Butler, CPJ’s Asia coordinator, said: “The Taliban’s current actions show that their previous promises are worthless, even though they have previously promised to allow the media to operate independently.”
No women were included in the Taliban’s newly formed interim government. The Taliban used whips and sticks against women in the country last Friday in protest of such discriminatory practices. Although the Taliban officially allowed the protest.

A local woman who took part in the protests told the Times of Israel that Taliban fighters used sticks and whips to quell the protests. They (Taliban) tell us to go back home. He also called on the Taliban government to accept the protests.

“These women have been enjoying their basic rights under the Americans for 20 years,” said Fabian Baussart, referring to the adventurous protests of Afghan women where other ordinary Afghans fear the Taliban. They are aware of their rights. And whenever it is crushed by the Taliban, Afghan women take on hundreds of risks to protest.

Alison Davidian, deputy director of the United Nations Women for Afghanistan, said Afghan women were in fear because of the Taliban’s vague policies. The reason for this fear, Davidian said, is the events of the first Taliban regime. At that time women’s rights were severely curtailed. As a result, the country’s women are fearful of a new return to the Taliban.

Source: ANI

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