‘No need for booster doses for the public’

‘No need for booster doses for the public’
Ticker booster doses (third doses) are being introduced in many countries around the world to prevent the corona epidemic. Meanwhile, international scientists have said in a new medical journal that there is no need for booster doses or extra doses for the general public.

The report, published in The Lancet on Monday (September 13th), highlighted the delta-type horrors, saying the booster dose was not suitable for the general public during the epidemic.

Adequate data on clinical and epidemiological diseases need to be analyzed before any decision can be made, scientists say. They also questioned the need for a booster dose and when to take it.

The real reason for taking the booster, they say, needs to be identified. This is because the vaccine is not as effective if it does not have severe symptoms.

Anna-Maria Henao-Restrepo, lead author of the World Health Organization, said there was no credible evidence in current studies that immunization would protect against serious diseases. The vaccine should be given priority to those around the world who are still waiting for a single dose.
He added that if the vaccination program could be spread everywhere, it would not be able to contain the epidemic and create new types.

But the US government is pursuing a different policy. They are in the forefront of giving extra doses to many citizens who come under vaccination. The country’s health regulators are also approving booster doses.

A panel from the country’s Food and Drug Administration will discuss the third dose of Pfizer / BioNT on September 18.

The Lancet article was written by WHO top scientists Soumya Swaminathan, Anna-Maria Henao-Restrepo and Mike Ryan.

Source: Al-Jazeera

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