More than 1 billion $ in aid pledged to Afghanistan

More than 1 billion $ in aid pledged to Afghanistan

Donors have pledged more than 1 billion $ in aid to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. The world community announced the aid in response to a UN call at an aid conference in Geneva on Monday (September 14th).

Even before the Taliban took control of Kabul, 16 million people in Afghanistan depended on relief aid. The United Nations estimates that number has risen sharply since the Taliban took power.

The agency also fears that food supplies could run out by the end of this month due to a shortage of funds and food, which could lead to starvation for more than 14 million people in the country.

In this situation, the international community has pledged 1 billion in assistance to avert a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. The information was given by the UN Secretary General at a relief conference held in Geneva on Monday.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the international community had pledged more than 1 billion $ in financial assistance to help improve Afghanistan’s economic situation. Hopefully, with this money, it will be possible to provide food and shelter security to the displaced people of the country.

Meanwhile, the situation in Pansir is becoming more complicated day by day. After the resistance was defeated by the Taliban, the group did not keep its word, despite promises to stop killing and torture, media reported.

Taliban militants have killed at least 20 civilians in the valley, the BBC reports. They said the Taliban had broken their promises and fired on civilians.

On the other hand, a Taliban spokesman said that everything was normal in Pansi and shops were open. It is also claimed that the Taliban are working to ensure the safety of the residents there.

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