The busiest seaport in the world in Corona is Ningbo Zhaoshan in China

The busiest seaport in the world in Corona is Ningbo Zhaoshan in China

Since 2009, the eastern Chinese port of Ningbo Zhoushan has been the busiest port in the world. The port is recognized as one of the best in the world in terms of annual cargo handling. Last year, 120 million tons of cargo was transported through this seaport in Zhejiang province of China.

The port serves as China’s largest hub for transporting iron ore and crude oil. In 2016, the port’s cargo handling volume exceeded 1 billion tons for the first time. It is the only port in the world carrying hundreds of millions of tons of goods.

At the same time, China led the world in import-export trade. Last year, the country’s international trade rose 1.5 percent to 64.75 trillion. Of which, the export amount was 2.59 trillion dollars. The annual growth was 3.6 percent. China’s main seaport has already returned to normal. Where Singapore, Rotterdam, Busan ports have lost trade due to reduced demand.

This seaport in China connects the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. Its 270 container routes connect 800 ports in more than 190 countries and regions around the world. As well as more than 100 routes of Belt and Road-BRI with this port.

Statistics show that BRI is contributing to the growth of Ningbo seaport. When BRI started work in 2013, the annual cargo handling of this seaport was 600 million tons. In 2016, it stood at 100 crores. In 2016, the number of BRI routes exceeded 90. Which came in 2020 on hundreds of routes.

Forty percent of Ningbo’s total containers come from BRI routes. The world’s best port is divided into 19 areas. There are more than 620 berths in this seaport. Of these, ships carrying more than 10,000 tons have a capacity of 160 berths and ships carrying more than 50,000 tons have more than 100 deep and very deep berths.

The port authorities took various measures to facilitate the transportation of goods in the Corona situation. In the four months from January to April, more than 2.4 million empty TEU containers were imported to meet the demand. At the same time, the online customs facility of Paperlane was also increased in this port.

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