Battlefield with vaccines!

Greece battlefield in anti-vaccine protests. Thousands took to the streets of the northern city of Thessaloniki on Saturday.

Police fired rubber bullets and water cannons to disperse them. The clashes started when the protesters also threw counter brick kilns. Chase-chase.
Hundreds of people took to the streets on Saturday to protest the Greek government’s annual economic plan and vaccine policy. Police took strict position to prevent protests. Rubber bullets and water cannons were fired to disperse the protesters.

The clashes started when the protesters also threw brickbats. The whole area became a battlefield at that moment. Chase-chase. At one stage, the protesters vandalized the surrounding buildings and set fire to the streets. Several people were injured in the clashes between the two sides.

I want to say one thing to the government that we cannot be suppressed in this way. They are making us laugh. Our workers are being put in danger by the new law. We will continue this movement.

Earlier, Greek Prime Minister Ryakos Mitsotakis announced an annual plan to combat the coronavirus and strengthen the economy. Vaccine activities are given the most importance in his plan. It is said that workers cannot work in any industry without vaccines. Ordinary people started protesting against his announcement.

“We are in great danger because of Corona,” said Prime Minister Riacos Mitsotakis. The only way to overcome this danger is to get vaccinated. Otherwise everything will have to be stopped. Everything has to be opened up to revive the economy. Vaccine activities will be stepped up to protect everyone.

Greece is in a tough position to speed up vaccine activities. The government has already relieved 6,000 health workers of their responsibilities due to their reluctance to receive vaccinations. In addition, vaccination has been made compulsory for government employees. In a country of about 60 million people, 55 percent of the population has already been vaccinated with the second dose. The first dose of the vaccine was received by 59 percent.

There have been protests for the ninth week in France against compulsory health passes. Thousands marched in and out of the capital, Paris, on Saturday. Along with health workers, students and members of the fire brigade also took part in the movement. Mandatory health passes, they said, amount to interference with individual liberty.
“It really seems to me like a kind of politics,” said one citizen. Here we are being forced to take the vaccine. And this is why I took part in this protest today.

Another said that the vaccine is still in the experimental state. It is not safe to apply in human body. The research on this vaccine will end in 2023. But before that it is being applied to the body. This is unacceptable.

“From our work experience in the Corona crisis, we can say that it will not be very difficult to deal with the crisis if the government allows health workers to work independently,” said a firefighter. I think the government has formulated this policy from economic and political considerations.

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