School-college is opening on Sunday, that 10 subjects are compulsory

Last September 3, the Minister of Education. Dipu Moni announced the opening of the educational institution. According to that announcement, the school-college will open tomorrow, Sunday (September 12). Since that announcement, there has been a kind of commotion among the students. Almost all students are waiting to go to school. Besides, their preparation has been seen for the last few days. Educational materials, especially shoes, socks, bags and school dresses have been bought in markets and bazaars in different parts of the country, including Dhaka.

On the other hand, the teachers are also eagerly waiting to welcome the students. The teachers were busy preparing for the resumption of educational activities. On the one hand they run cleaning activities. On the other hand, besides making routines as per the government instructions, preparations have been made to ensure physical distance in the classroom, wash hands, attend special rooms in case of illness, etc.
As per the instructions, last minute clean-up work is going on in the educational institutions all over the country. Most of the institutions in the urban areas have already completed all the preparations. However, many schools and colleges in remote areas were also seen cleaning on Friday. Weeds and waterlogging can still be seen in front of some schools.
According to the official announcement, students do not have to go to school all day. Only PEC, SSC and HSC candidates will take daily classes. The rest will be taught directly one day. The rest of the week will be spent teaching distance learning online or on television.

As per the decision of the inter-ministerial meeting, 10 subjects have been made compulsory for the educational institutions to protect the health of the students. The organization will be supervised daily through checklist, the report will be sent to Dhaka; Students will be made aware daily; Compulsory use of masks; Hand washing system; Daily body temperature check – 30 minutes at the gate; Sample testing in PCR lab if necessary; Not treating the student as absent if there are symptoms; Placement in the classroom following hygiene rules; Not to assemble at school, but to do light physical exercise in one’s own seat in the classroom in elementary school; Keep the environment clean; Follow special instructions at the hostel.

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Meanwhile, the Department of Secondary and Higher Education has given 11 urgent instructions regarding the class routine of the students. The instructions are- 1. SSC and HSC candidates of 2021 and 2022 and fifth class students will come to the educational institution every day.

  1. Students of first, second, third, fourth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth classes will come to the institution once a week.
  2. Each educational institution will formulate a routine with two classes in a specific class every day of the week.
  3. Practical classes can be scheduled where applicable with routine.
  4. Institutions that combine primary, secondary and higher secondary levels will formulate routines by coordinating the classes scheduled for those levels.
    . The affiliated educational institutions of the National University and Dhaka University will conduct class activities for the higher secondary candidates of 2021 and 2022 by formulating routines subject to the ongoing degree, equivalent and master’s examinations.
    . Care should be taken in formulating routines so that no issue like hygiene violation occurs during the entry / exit / stay of the students in the educational institution.
    . The routine should be prepared in such a way that different classes of students enter the institution at different times and leave the institution.
  5. The assembly will be closed for the time being.
  6. You have to send the information as per the scheduled checklist every day.
  7. The above points should be followed in creating a class routine until further instructions.

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