Legal notice to the government against the decision to open an educational institution

Until the Corona epidemic is eradicated, regular online lessons from first to eighth grade, as well as regular online lessons, have to be opened, and a legal notice has been sent to the government requesting one-to-one lessons a week at social distance.
Legal notice to the government against the decision to open an educational institution

Supreme Court lawyer Khandaker Hasan Shahriar on Thursday (September 9th) issued legal notices to six people, including the primary and mass education secretaries, the secondary and higher education secretaries, the technical and madrasa education secretaries, by registered post.

The notice said that in addition to regular online classes from class I to VIII, the institution will have to open one day a week, maintain a social distance and publish public notices by canceling PSC and JSC examinations from this year.

The notice further said that if any student, parent, teacher or official is affected by corona due to the opening of the educational institution, the government will take free medical treatment and take appropriate steps to publicize and publish the public notice to bear the responsibility of the family. Do. It has been requested to take action in this regard within seven days, otherwise it has been mentioned in the notice to file a writ petition in the High Court.

Meanwhile, the government has issued guidelines on how to take classes in primary, secondary and higher secondary level educational institutions from September 12.

The educational institutions of the country, which have been closed for almost a year and a half due to coronavirus, will reopen simultaneously from September 12, said the Education Minister. Dipu Moni.

Education Minister. Dipu Moni said, classroom teaching will start from September 12 in primary, secondary and higher secondary level educational institutions.
He said corona infections are rapidly declining in the country. The number of infections has dropped by 60 percent since July. Everyone, including students and teachers, has to wear a mask while teaching in the classroom.

Even if no official announcement is made, school-college students will get ‘discounts’ on two issues. There are two issues – wearing clothes or uniforms and being absent from class. But in that case there will be some conditions.

Since the decision to open the school, educational materials, especially shoes, socks, bags and school dresses have been bought in markets and bazaars in different parts of the country, including Dhaka. Crowds have flocked to tailor shops to make new clothes. The tailors are struggling to make clothes. Despite working day and night, they are not able to make school uniforms at least a week in advance. The school authorities have taken the matter into consideration.

According to the investigation, several educational institutions in the capital have given discounts to the students for wearing certain clothes or uniforms in the first few days of physical classes. For the time being, these institutions have asked the students to come to school or college wearing colored clothes close to their uniforms.

A parent of the Navy School and College Khilkhet branch in the capital told the media that he received a notice from the school last Wednesday, stating that students in plain clothes would be allowed to go to school for the first two weeks. There will be no uniform obligation. However, during this period, the uniform must be made by the tailor assigned by the school.
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Sir John Wilson School, another educational institution in the capital, has also relaxed the issue of students wearing uniforms. Sabrina Shahid, the principal of the school, said that the students have to make new uniforms if they want to come to the school. For this reason, they have decided not to make uniforms compulsory at the beginning after opening the school. However, parents will be asked to collect school-specific T-shirts for students. He said that wearing at least the same T-shirt would create a sense of unity among the students.

Meanwhile, senior education ministry officials told the media that students would not be considered “absent” if they could not attend class due to coronavirus or any other physical symptoms. However, in that case, appropriate proof must be shown.

Mahbub Hossain, secretary of the secondary and higher education department, said if a student could not attend class due to coronavirus infection in a member of his family, he would not be considered absent. But family members must submit proof of coronavirus infection to school authorities.
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The secretary said that in this case, the positive report of coronavirus will be taken as evidence. Students will be able to stay in quarantine or isolation for 14 days if necessary and will not be considered absent.

Earlier, on the day of the announcement of the opening of the school-college on September 3, the Minister of Education Dr. Dipu Moni said she doesn’t need to come to class if someone in her house has coronavirus symptoms. And the assembly will not take place until the situation is normal.

Incidentally, classes for SSC and HSC and PEC candidates will be 6 days a week after the school opens. Classes from 1st to 4th and 6th to 9th will be one day a week. When the classes of SSC and HSC candidates start this year, the number of teaching days of ninth class will increase. And considering the situation, the number of teaching days of other classes will also increase. Besides, JSC and equivalent examinations will be decided considering the situation. The same will be the case with PEC exams.

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