Corona spread the body of eight people, finally 5 years in prison

Corona spread the body of eight people, finally 5 years in prison

The world is devastated by the epidemic Corona virus. Public health experts are emphasizing two important issues to prevent corona.
Corona spread the body of eight people, finally 5 years in prison

One of these is the vaccination system. And to maintain a social distance. Due to this, lockdown is going on in different countries of the world.

Meanwhile, a Vietnamese court has sentenced a man to five years in prison for violating quarantine rules and spreading the corona virus.

According to the BBC, Lee Van Tri, 26, was convicted and sentenced.

The court said Van Tri violated the rules by visiting the province, injuring several people and killing one. According to the BBC, at least eight corona cases have been reported in Van Tri.

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According to the BBC, last July, Lee Van Tri visited his hometown of Ka Mau from Ho Chi Minh City, a hotspot for the corona virus in Vietnam. And for this reason he was accused of giving a terrible infectious disease like corona among other people.

According to the BBC, Lee Van Tri has broken the rules of 21-day quarantine. By the time he moved from Ho Chi Minh City to Ka Mau Province, the prevalence of corona in Ho Chi Minh City was much higher.

However, the incidence of corona in Ka Mau province was relatively low. Meanwhile, on July 6, Corona was identified in Lee Van Tri’s body.

Meanwhile, the whole world is still struggling to cope with the impact of the epidemic. The world’s most powerful nations are also falling for new variants of the corona.

Infection and death are not stopping even though vaccination activities are going on all over the world. But news of relief in a few days has led to deaths and identified downturns in Corona.

According to WorldOmiter, the number of corona infections and deaths in the world has decreased in the previous 24 hours till 8 am on Tuesday (September 6) Bangladesh time. Another 6,708 people died and 3,99,179 were infected.

With this, 45 lakh 6 thousand 213 people have died and 22 crore 19 lakh 53 thousand 618 people have been affected by the total corona in the world till now. Of these, 19 crore 85 lakh 42 thousand 98 people have returned home after recovering.

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