President Biden Claims 90% of Adults Will be Eligible for Vaccination in Three Weeks

President Biden Claims 90% of Adults Will be Eligible for Vaccination in Three Weeks

During Monday’s press conference, Joe Biden said 90% of adults could receive a coronavirus vaccine within the next three weeks. Furthermore, most adults can be vaccinated within five miles from where they live.

According to President Biden, most adults will not have to wait until May 1 but will be eligible on April 19. Biden said previously that he instructed states to ensure that all adult Americans will be eligible by May 1.

Biden suggested that the US increase the number of pharmacies participating in the federal pharmacy vaccination program from 17,000 locations to 40,000. Additionally, the President announced this week that 33 million COVID-19 vaccine doses would be made available to vaccination sites. This will be a record amount that should allow newly eligible adults to get shots.

The President clearly stated that COVID-19 is still one of the country’s biggest problems and that mask mandates must be maintained and sometimes even reinstated. 

He called on every local leader, mayor, and governor to maintain this ruling by saying that this isn’t politics, and they should reinstate the mandate if they let it down. His plea comes after some states, against public health experts’ recommendations, lifted their mask requirements and allowed some businesses to proceed at full capacity.

According to the President, his administration will provide mass vaccination services at 12 more sites in the next three weeks. With community organizations’ cooperation, the administration will set up a new transportation program to help people with disabilities and those at-risk seniors and get vaccines.

As of Monday afternoon, Johns Hopkins University reported more than 549,600 death cases of COVID-19 in the United States.  It is estimated that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention administered more than 145,800,000 COVID-19 doses in the fight to curb the spread of this deadly virus. 

Bloomberg News first reported the development of vaccine eligibility for American adults. It was even before President Biden’s Monday press conference at the White House.

In his first 100 days in office, Biden announced that now 200 million vaccination doses of the coronavirus vaccine would be administered. On day 58 of his presidency, he succeeded in achieving his initial goal of 100 million doses of the vaccine into arms.

Officials involved with the federal response to case reports of the COVID-19 infection expressed concern about the current trend of coronavirus infections around the country in hours before Monday’s announcement.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director, Rochelle Walensky, expressed her feelings of impending doom in a virtual White House briefing on Monday, saying that at the moment, she is scared.

Walensky said, appearing to shed tears, that now was the time, to tell the truth. She hopes that everyone will listen to her and trust her because she is worried about rising coronavirus outbreaks in the United States. Also, Walensky said that on Tuesday, she would speak with governors about reopening the economy overly quickly.

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