Biden Calls on Congress to Move Fast on Assault Weapon Ban After Colorado Shooting

Biden Calls on Congress to Move Fast on Assault Weapon Ban After Colorado Shooting

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden called for gun control in his most decisive call yet since taking office, following the latest mass shooting. According to Biden, ten people were killed in a grocery store shooting in Colorado, and the deaths should inspire Washington and the country to take action.

Former presidents have tried to spread this message in the past with disappointing results. Biden’s track record on the issue in Congress is long and mixed, and he did signal he would try to get legislation passed while balancing his other priorities.

During somber remarks from the State Dining Room of the White House, he pledged to do everything possible to ensure American citizens’ safety. Since then, he has proposed two-gun reform measures, including assault weapons bans and universal gun background checks.

While acknowledging there are still many details to be learned concerning Monday’s shooting, Biden claimed that enough information was released to launch an ardent call for new gun control laws.

Biden said that it is time to take action to save lives in the future, not to wait another minute or an hour. His proposals include a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, in addition to a verification system for the purchasing of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. He believes Congress should take action on any of these issues.

According to Biden, this issue is not partisan because it’s a national one. Therefore, they must act. It will save many American lives.

But when other legislative priorities are pending, pressing gun control seems like a far-fetched idea. Following his remarks, Biden made his way directly to Ohio, where he promoted a $1.9 trillion economic stimulus package. An infrastructure package is also being prepared by aides and is expected to be unveiled soon.

On Tuesday, Biden noted that the flag was still flying half-staff to honor those killed during the shooting in Atlanta last week. In the aftermath of the Colorado incident, he ordered that it be lowered again.

The President said nothing about gun control in the wake of the Atlanta shooting, choosing instead to point out a recent upsurge in violent crimes against Asian-Americans. Yet another mass killing in Colorado pushed him to voice an opinion on the matter.

During a swearing-in ceremony for newly appointed CIA director William Burns, Vice President Kamala Harris remarked how tragic this must have been but ignored a question on gun control.

Over the last three decades, Biden has been among the leading figures in shaping the nation’s attitude toward guns. Initially, he won an assault weapons ban for ten years in 1994. After the Sandy Hook massacre, a failed campaign for universal background checks followed.

The burden now rests on Biden to wield the power of the White House to try and make some gun reform legislation a reality since he has never had the bully pulpit in the debate over guns in American.

With all the shootings in Georgia and Colorado, the West Wing has discussed how much President Joe Biden should invest in this issue.

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