Russia and Iran Tried Covert Campaigns to Influence the 2020 Presidential Election

Russia and Iran Tried Covert Campaigns to Influence the 2020 Presidential Election

On Tuesday, the U.S. intelligence officials released a declassified assessment report that showed how Russia and Iran planned covert campaigns intending to influence the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

During the investigation, the Director of National Intelligence stated that there was no proof that foreign actors attempted to interfere with “technical” voter registration information or voter counting. 

Nevertheless, it notes some adversaries, including Iran and Russia, tried to undermine public confidence in elections through false or inflated reports about alleged compromises of voting systems.

According to the DNI report, these two countries also attempted to undermine trust in the U.S. election and support their preferred candidates for the 2020 elections. 

Iran opposed President Trump, according to the DNI report, while Russia backed his re-election and tried to tarnish Joe Biden’s candidacy. According to the assessment, elections meddling at both levels had received both government sides’ approval.

The report indicated how Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his people to degenerate the Democratic Party and Joe Biden’s candidacy. Putin supported former President Donald Trump, and he tried everything to undermine public confidence in the USA electoral process. 

Once the campaign got underway, Russia’s efforts became apparent. Russian allegations against Biden, while vice president, centered on false claims that he attempted to fire a Ukrainian prosecutor so he wouldn’t investigate his son, Hunter Biden.

Additionally, the report confirms how Russian intelligence agents used proxies linked to their system to spread false statements about Biden to U.S. media outlets and “prominent” officials, including Trump’s former operatives.

In the report, a Ukrainian politician named Andrii Derkach acted on behalf of Putin to discredit Biden. During the campaign, the influence campaign included a meeting with Rudy Giuliani when he served as Trump’s attorney. Despite Trump’s allies promoting his false allegations, Derkach was sanctioned by the Trump administration.

According to the chairman of the House intelligence committee, Rep. Adam Schiff, the Russians penetrated the former president’s inner circle through successful intelligence operations. Schiff added that from the DNI report, it was evident the Russian agents pushed false information into the political process intending to damage now-President Biden’s campaign.

The intelligence analysis concluded that the Russian influence operation in 2020 was less extensive than the country’s previous effort in 2016 when the campaign of then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was hurt by Kremlin operatives who hacked into computers and released emails.

Likewise, Iran conducted covert influence campaigns designed to undermine the re-election prospects of former President Trump indirectly. Iran also attempted to create divisions within the U.S. and undermine public confidence in the U.S. voting process.

The report said the Iranian military and intelligence services executed the security campaign using covert and overt communications and cyber operations under Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s authority.

Other countries that were speculated to have wanted to meddle in the 2020 presidential elections are China and Cuba. But the DNI report didn’t find any factual information concerning the two countries.

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