Former Bolivian Interim President Arrested After Political Tensions

Former Bolivian Interim President Arrested After Political Tensions

On Saturday, Jeanine Anez, Bolivia Ex-Interim Presiden, was arrested as political tensions reached new highs. The arrest warrant was issued by the country’s Attorney General’s office. Anez was arrested together with five ministers who served in her cabinet. 

The Anez’s arrest was confirmed by Carlos Eduardo del Castillo del Carpio, a government minister. However, the arrest of two former ministers under Anez was confirmed through the state channel Bolivia TV. And now the three remaining ministers are at large, and in no time, they will also be detained.

Media outlets have been unable to secure the basis of the charges from the prosecutor’s office. All that is available is that the former Bolivian interim president and her five ministers must face the law and abide by the AG’s arrest warrant. 

On her Twitter account, Anez shared images of what she called the six pages of the arrest warrant, including charges of terrorist activity, conspiracies, and sedition.

Anez wrote a series of tweets that explained why she was served with an arrest warrant. She said that the act showed abuse and political persecution of the government by ordering her arrest. Also, she said, the government accuses her of having taken part in a coup that never occurred.

Anez is confident that everything will be sorted as quickly as possible. And she concluded by tweeting that her prayers are for the country and every Bolivian.

Politics have been problematic in Bolivia since the contested 2019 election, which saw former President Evo Morales crowned as the victor. But international watchdogs allege it was rigged and the results annulled. According to Morales, the country’s first indigenous president for 14 years, he claims he was ousted in a coup.

Anez held the interim president position for less than a year and promised to hold a new election. After several postponements, the election took place in October 2020. Luis Arce, the MAS (Movement Towards Socialism) candidate supported by Morales, won by a landslide. During the year that followed Arce’s victory in November, Morales returned to Bolivia after living for more than a year in exile in Argentina.

Morales took to Twitter to have his say on the matter. He wrote that the authors and their accomplices following the dictatorship that took over the country and looted the economy must be investigated and punished for attacking life and democracy for all Bolivians.

On the same Saturday, the director of Human Rights Watch Americas Division, Jose Miguel Vivanco, said that the arrest warrants issued to the ex-interim president and her ministers don’t have information or evidence that they committed terrorism. 

Vivanco believes the warrant was only founded with doubts, and the entire process is politically driven. That’s why the basis of the arrest warrants is yet to be known.

Bolivia is battling a coronavirus pandemic, in addition to its political tensions. According to Johns Hopkins University’s latest data, the country has so far registered 250,000 cases and nearly 12,000 deaths, making it one of the worst-affected in the region.

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