New York Lawyer Wants Governor Cuomo to Resign Following Sexual Harassment and Misconduct

New York Lawyer Wants Governor Cuomo to Resign Following Sexual Harassment and Misconduct

Andrew Cuomo, Governor of the New York State, has put himself against the lawmakers following allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct.

This was after several women accused him of sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior. The only way all these allegations will be solved is if he steps down as the Governor. However, Cuomo believes that doing so would be considered anti-democratic. Therefore, he has rejected calls for his resignations.

On Sunday, Andrea Stewart-Cousins said that there were many accounts of wrongdoing presented to the court against the Governor, and such actions are drawing away from the government’s business. She is the New York State Senate Majority Leader.

She expressed how New York is still facing the coronavirus pandemic and other health and economic impacts resulting from the deadly virus. She added that the state needs to function without distractions for its betterment, and that’s why Governor Cuomo must resign.

In the recent weeks, several women have accused the Governor of sexual misconduct and harassment. Others also accused Cuomo of unwanted sexual advances and inappropriate sexual comments.

Governor Cuomo has been in the limelight in the worst-case scenario with the way he is handling the COVID-19 pandemic. We saw US media outlets criticizing Cuomo after his top aides at the Governor’s office hide the actual numbers of deaths following coronavirus confirmed cases in the state’s nursing homes.

Stewart-Cousins stated they have enough allegations that should mount pressure on the Governor to step down. She talked of the toxic environment following sexual harassment, lack of credibility, and transparency surrounding coronavirus data at the nursing home. There were also questions about the construction of a significant infrastructure project.

Another prominent leader supporting Stewart-Cousins is Carl E Heastie, who is the State Assembly Speaker. He termed all the allegations on the Governor as very disturbing, and such actions are not allowed in the government or any other workplace.

Heastie released a statement supporting Stewart-Cousins’ push to have the Governor resign. He wondered whether Cuomo could continue leading the state with all that’s going on against him. He believes the Governor should effectively consider whether he can address the challenges the state is facing and meet the people’s needs in New York.

On February 28, Cuomo denied all allegations and went to say that he never intended to cause any harm or offend anyone with the actions that have forced the women to accuse him of sexual harassment and misconduct.

Cuomo said that he now understands that some of his interactions with the accusers may have been too personal or insensitive, and some of the comments. Still, he never intended to do so, given that he is the Governor of New York.

The Governor has apologized to the women who came forward to accuse him of sexual harassment and misconduct. He plans to co-operate with the investigations into his conduct, but he doesn’t have the option of resigning.

Governor Cuomo claims that the people of New York state elected him, and stepping down is anti-democratic because it goes against people’s will and the purpose of elections.

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