Missing Former NFL Defensive Tackle Louis Nix Founded Dead in Florida

Missing Former NFL Defensive Tackle Louis Nix Founded Dead in Florida

The NFL fraternity at large is mourning the death of their former defensive tackle, Louis Nix III. He featured in the College Football for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and they were a time the Houston Texans chose him in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Nix, 29-years old, played for the Houston Texans (2014) and New York Giants (2015). He also featured during the offseason or practices for Washington Redskins (2016) and Jacksonville Jaguars (2016-2017).

Nix’s death comes at a year before the COVID-19 pandemic that affected the NFL world, and most games were played behind closed doors with few fans allowed at the stadiums. That was the first heartbreak to see games without fans and most players contracting the coronavirus.

Now, we have the latest bad news for the NFL world, Louis Nix III is no more. He was missing for several days before it was confirmed he was found in Florida. There are no clear circumstances to what could have led to his demise.

On Wednesday, that’s when it was reported that Nix was missing, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office. But on the same week, on Saturday, there was a tweet that he had been located, but no further information was given concerning his current whereabouts. No media outlet had exact details on where Nix was.

On Sunday, the first family member, Nix’s mother, Stephanie Wingfield, said that she received the news that her son was dead, but authorities didn’t say how he died. She was talking to multiple Jacksonville news outlets.

Recent updates say that Nix’s car was pulled out of a pond near his home. On Saturday, local news stations aired a video showing crews pulling out a silver sedan from water – the same vehicle description Nix was supposedly driving before he went missing. But it was unclear whether his body was in the car or retrieved from the water.

There is no cause of death, but speculations online thought it had something to do with his shooting last year.

Nix was shot in December 2020 when he was refilling his car at a Jacksonville gas station. According to the police, it was a case of armed robbery. He was the one who shared a video online about the shooting incident showing doctors tending to him. He also added that he spent ten days in the hospital before being discharged.

Nix was a possible first-round pick for the Fighting Irish in 2014, but he only got a third-round choice to the Texans. But injuries stopped his career, and he didn’t even play a single game for the Texans. He went on to drop out of the league in 2017.

Besides NFL football, Nix’ Irish Chocolate’ always gave out autographs and interacted with people every time he got the chance to meet his fans, according to his mother.

The NFL fraternity, together with the fans, have sent their condolences message to Nix’s family, who are coming to terms with his missing and death. Now, they are waiting to announce funeral arrangements, even when there are no clear circumstances as to what caused his death.

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