EU Authorities Seized 23 Tons of Cocaine in Record Germany and Belgium Haul

EU Authorities Seized 23 Tons of Cocaine in Record Germany and Belgium Haul

Germany and Belgium’s cocaine saga has become the biggest ever haul in the history of cocaine shipments intercepted at once. The cocaine quantities in question are ranging from 16 tons in Germany and another 7.2 tins in Belgium.

It all started when German officials seized five shipping containers containing cocaine coming from Paraguay at Hamburg’s port. There was a further cocaine interception at the Belgian port of Antwerp after Netherlands police received a notice about a shipment that was underway.

The total cocaine shipment from both countries is said to be worth billions of euros.

The only suspect in custody is a 28-year-old man charged with drug trafficking by the Dutch police after being arrested in the Netherlands.

The two police raids in Germany and Belgium are the biggest haul of cocaine trafficking interception ever reported or heard of in Europe as a whole. Customs officials said that they were able to seize an enormous amount of cocaine earlier this month.

It’s yet to be clear how EU authorities found these mega-shipments happening at the different ports in different countries. Some speculations suggest it was an inside job, or someone within the drug cartel notified police as the shipments were underway.

Official reports coming in are that German authorities received a tip-off from a company based in the Netherlands, and that’s how they seized the 16 tons of cocaine at the port of Hamburg. Then, a joint investigation discovered another 7.2 tons of cocaine at Port of Antwerp, and German officials alerted the relevant authorities, who seized that shipment.

The cocaine found in Belgium was hidden in containers and disguised as wooden blocks shipped from Panama. While in Germany, the cocaine was concealed in tins of wall filler, and it was shipped from Paraguay.

Custom officials successfully intercepted the cocaine trafficking after noticing some irregularities with the Paraguayan containers arriving in Germany. They noticed that some tins contained what wasn’t indicated on the label.

And opening the tins, they found a layer of genuine goods, but there were also other tins packed with other goods. They ordered all the containers to be unloaded and started checking each tin and what it contained. In the end, they found more than 1,700 tins with cocaine stashed as a genuine good.

Germany customs released a statement that the Hamburg haul alone was the largest amount of cocaine ever seized in Europe, and with the Antwerp one, it has become the largest cocaine seizure worldwide.

Paraguay is a key transit country for drugs, and together with Panama, most drug trafficking cartels in Brazil use those routes when smuggling cocaine and other drugs in Europe. The most common ports used by drug gangs are the Hamburg one in Germany and Antwerp in Belgium.

For instance, 11.5 tons of cocaine were seized at Antwerp and disguised in containers as scrap metals in October 2019, and another 4.5 tons of cocaine seized at Hamburg and disguised as soya beans in August 2019.

With the latest developments, there is a possibility cocaine shipment in Europe will dramatically reduce after the biggest haul in Europe was seized in Germany and Belgium.

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