New York Giants in The Midst for Rebuild to Become Super Bowl Contender

New York Giants in The Midst for Rebuild to Become Super Bowl Contender

New York Giants have started the real work of rebuilding their franchise to be among the Super Bowl contender come next season. The 2020 season wasn’t too far for the Giants as they just won 6 games, marking its fourth straight losing year in the NFL.

The work has just begun, barely six weeks after they played their 2020 season final game. The Giants are in big trouble if they don’t adopt new ways in terms of ideology, discovering new talents, and so on, and break the losing streak of four years in a row.

For instance, they are in a predicament, as they don’t have the assets to get rosters such as quarterback Deshaun Watson and if that’s the case, he would be subjected to throw, catch, and run without any help. But in reality, he would require assistance from a sufficient defense, offensive line, and the necessary playmakers. That’s why they are fully invested in their No. 6 overall pick in the 2019 draft, quarterback Daniel Jones.

Despite his inconsistent during his first 2-professional seasons, Jones is getting an appraisal from multiple teams in the league and analysts, suggesting he is the guy the Giants should put their faith in and trust. He is a promising talent with a lot to offer and an upper-echelon successful quarterback in the making.

The Giants need to fill in all their premium positions as Jones won’t play in all of them. And that’s why they must get a No.1 wide receiver, edge rusher, starting offensive tackle, and cornerback, but that will require a lot of money to acquire such talented players on their squad.

There is hope for the Giants as they seem to be heading in the right direction now, although they are expected not to repeat previous mistakes of not appreciating their talents.

New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman was quick to point out that the franchise was heading on the right track as arrows were pointing up for them following their 5-3 finish over the last 8-games.

Gettleman is getting ready for the start of the offseason, and he has a lot on the table to deal with, including salary shedding. Also, on the Giants’ free agents, especially the re-signing of defensive lineman Leonard Williams. Williams signing is believed to be the Giant’s top priority, and sources say that won’t come cheap.

Last year, the Giants paid Williams $16.1M on the franchise tag, and due to his impressive 11.5-sack campaign, his value has appreciated, and he is likely to get a re-signing contract ranging at $20M.

The Giants are expected to strike in the free agency which more quality veterans would be available, and this year there will be a decrease in the salary cap, estimated to be around $180M.

New York Giants believe that they deserve to be among the Super Bowl contenders, and that’s why they are in the midst of a rebuild to see their dreams come true. 

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