Dr. Fauci Says the General U.S. Public Will Get Vaccination Between May and June

Dr. Fauci Says the General U.S. Public Will Get Vaccination Between May and June

The world was struck by the coronavirus pandemic back in December 2019, and in the past year, we have had significant vaccine development to help curb or cure this deadly virus.

Pfizer and BioNTech are the two major COVID-19 vaccine production companies in the USA. They have signed a nearly $2 billion contract for the mass production of vaccines in the nation, and the estimated delivery time is by July 2021.

The more reason why the need for mass vaccinations is because the USA is the most affected country by the coronavirus pandemic. The nation has recorded over 28 million cases and a death toll that is nearly half a million.

On Tuesday, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director, Dr. Antony Fauci, stated that the general public wouldn’t be receiving any COVID-19 vaccinations before mid-to-late May or early June.

This statement comes after the push to have the vaccine ready as soon as possible to prevent more widespread coronavirus cases in the country. Fauci had earlier claimed that the vaccine was going to ready by the end of April 2021. The Americans expected to have the first chance of being vaccinated are nonessential workers under 65 with no health conditions.

However, as the reports suggest, there will be no mass vaccinations anytime soon, and the current date estimates are between May and June.

Fauci now waits for Johnson & Johnson to have its COVID-19 vaccine approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. J&J is believed to be working in progress for the mass production of vaccine doses fewer than 10 million.

There are speculations that once the J&J COVID-19 vaccine is approved, the company can produce more in the coming weeks for emergency use. The FDA is supposed to evaluate and make a recommendation regarding the J&J vaccine on February 26.

Fauci also said that even though they expect mass production to be available between May and June, the estimated time when every American gets vaccinated will take place in the months of June, July, and August. He added that getting everyone vaccinated is a long process, and they expect to be done with it between the periods of summer and fall.

The nation is recording the lowest daily coronavirus cases since October 2020. Earlier on, there were about 200,000 cases a day, and on Monday, there were a little more than 53,000 cases. This is a clear indication that new cases and hospitalizations are dropping every day.

The drop in coronavirus cases in the USA is due to the general public following government COVID-19 measures like wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. Also, there are more people with a high level of natural immunity after recovering from the coronavirus.

Still, more people are getting their vaccines on time since President Joe Biden’s administration increased its weekly COVID-19 vaccine to 13.5 million doses per week. The administration is also working with pharmacies, and they are estimating to send about 2 million doses per week.

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