China Remains Defiant in Presenting Key Data to The WHO Team Investigating the Origin Of COVID-19

China Remains Defiant in Presenting Key Data to The WHO Team Investigating the Origin Of COVID-19

The WHO team shared light on the controversial theory that the coronavirus outbreak started from a lab last year in the city of Wuhan by dismissing those allegations and stating it was extremely unlikely that the virus was designed in a lab.

More than 106 Million cases have been recorded with 2.3 Million people succumbing to the virus worldwide. And, the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over despite the vaccinations roll-out worldwide with countries getting their citizens vaccinated starting with the doctors who are the front-line warriors.

The China has remained insisting that they are transparent with the WHO team that went to investigate the true nature of the outbreak of the coronavirus last year in the Wuhan city in China.

The WHO team jet in China early January and were asked to quarantine in their hotels for two weeks before allowed to begin their investigations.

The first case of the deadliest virus that has disrupted activities across the world and bringing a new norm that we are all trying to adapt to was detected in Wuhan, China.

Dominic Dwyer is a microbiologist with the WHO team in China investigating the origins of COVID-19, and insisted that the China government have been refusing to hand over key data to the WHO team, which consist of raw patient data from early cases instead they only received a summary.

Following Dwyer’s interview, the United States has urged China government to be transparent by providing data from the earliest stages of the outbreak, insisting that it has deep concern about the WHO report.

The United States accused China of holding back crucial information to the initial outbreak and criticized the terms of the visit, which undermined the WHO team from carrying out their investigation without any interference.

The raw data consists of the 174 identified COVID-19 cases from Wuhan, China in Dec. 2019. Where the first case of the virus was initially detected and at the time only half of the early cases were exposed to the seafood market.

Professor Dwyer hinted that the WHO team’s final report could be released by next week and its highly that China’s reluctant to avail the data would be mentioned in the report.

Clearly, China is under pressure as the investigations goes on and they know to well that they might find themselves under scrutiny and the blame is likely to fall on them.

However, they have continued insisting that they were transparent with the WHO team of investigators, whose visit was commissioned following months of negotiations. Though the WHO team which consists of experts were keenly monitored by the Chinese government.

Through an interim report from the WHO last month, condemned China’s response on its handling of the early cases of the coronavirus insisting that they should have placed public health measures more forcefully.

 The WHO team is requesting for more time to further their investigation into the possibility of “cold chain” transmission, highlighting to the fact that the virus might have spread through the transportation and trade of frozen food.

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