Green Bay Packers Confident That Aaron Rodgers Will Stay with the Team in 2021

Green Bay Packers Confident That Aaron Rodgers Will Stay with the Team in 2021

Green Bay Packers coach Matt LaFleur isn’t worried about Aaron Rodgers switching teams in 2021. This was after Rodgers expressed how unsure he was about the future with the Packers after their NFC Championship Game loss to the Buccaneers.

What followed were speculations from media outlets who wrote that the Packers’ quarterback time had come to a halt, and he was willing to switch to another team come 2021.

LaFleur wasn’t convinced that Rodgers was in any way looking to change teams. He stated that the QB was going to be with them for a long time. Rodgers is a hot cake for most NFL teams, and they would quickly sign him if given a chance to sign the presumptive 2020 MVP.

The coach added that there is no doubt whatsoever about Rodgers being with them until 2021. He expressed how the QB was the favorite to win the MVP of the league after a great season, and the team couldn’t have gone further if it weren’t for Rodgers, who produced masterclass gaming skills in almost all matches.

Rodgers didn’t only perform well on the field, but he also contributed a lot in the locker room, and he ensured everybody was focused and ready to go. This created a favorable environment for all Packer’s players in the 2020 NFL regular season, and in return, the team went to all games with a 100 percent winning mentality.

Packers were just so unlucky when Buccaneers beat them 31-26, and it was quite an upset the football world wasn’t expecting. And this may be why Rodgers talked of how the future of all NFL players is always uncertain.

However, the Packers did release a statement saying that he will be playing for them in 2021. To back up his claim, Packer’s General Manager Brian Gutekunst stated that he doesn’t see himself considering trading Rodgers for any other play in the league this year.

Aaron Rodgers maybe 37 years old, but the veteran quarterback has a spot in the Green Bay Packers lineup in 2021, even with promising youngsters such as QB Jordan Love, who is only 22 years old.

LaFleur said that he would still play Rodgers, and he understands why he was upset after the NFC Championship Game loss. The coach explained how Rodgers is quite competitive as a quarterback, and he is always looking to help the team win every game.

Packers coach said that after the game, they talked with Rodgers, and it was just a moment of anger that the player talked of how he was unsure about staying with the club in 2021.

LaFleur refuted all claims that Rodgers wasn’t happy with his stay at the club. He said that the Packers are looking forward to having him play for a couple of years. He has one year contract left to coach Rodgers to unlock the capabilities and potential in the next season.

So, as it stands, Aaron Rodgers is and will remain a Green Bay Packers quarterback in 2021, but that can change anytime.

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