Lebanon’s Health System is Close to Collapse Following Rocketing Coronavirus Confirmed Cases

Lebanon’s Health System is Close to Collapse Following Rocketing Coronavirus Confirmed Cases

The COVID-19 pandemic has become the world’s norm of living after it took control of the entire population. Every nation in the world has been recording positive cases daily, with the death toll still rising.

So far, the world itself has confirmed more than 99.2 million cases and over 2.1 million deaths. The most affected country is the USA, with over 25.5 million cases and total deaths of more than 427K. The other countries that follow the USA are India, Brazil, Russia, UK, and France.

This deadly virus is yet to be fully eradicated from the face of the earth despite all the progress in developing several viable vaccines. The good news is that from the reported over 99.2 million cases, more than 71.3 million people have recovered from the virus.

We hope the remaining active cases will end with the vaccine’s help once it gets into world circulation, reaching everyone.

That said, the country in question is Lebanon, which has recorded more than 276k confirmed cases with a death toll of over 2.2k. It’s believed that the number of positive cases is skyrocketing after bars and clubs were allowed to open on Christmas and New Year.

The main coronavirus hospital in Lebanon has released a statement saying that the country’s health system is close to collapse since there is a shortage of enough beds, oxygen, ventilators, drugs, and staff to accommodate the incoming influx of needy patients.

Dr. Firas Abiad, who heads the main coronavirus hospital in the country, explained how the government’s decision to relax COVID-19 restrictions between Christmas and New Year is the cause of the high numbers of positive cases and deaths recorded in January 2021.

From the images coming in at the Rafic Hariri University Hospital in Beirut, the casualty department and the intensive care unit are working under huge pressure, with staff unable to accommodate everyone coming in.

Dr. Abiad said that most hospitals’ intensive care units in the country are full or almost full, and patients coming in are forced to wait in emergency wards for an available bed. He went on to add that they have received several cases where patients died in their homes since they are unable to book a space or bed at the nearby hospitals.

Before Christmas and New Year celebrations, Lebanon was recording few cases daily compared to now. And all this has been brought about by the relaxation of COVID-19 measures during last year’s festive season.

This catastrophe could have been avoided if the Lebanon government had strictly maintained all the COVID-19 measures set in place by its government. And one of them included the closing of bars and clubs, a rule overturned for a few days between Christmas and New Year.

The other rules we believe were not adhered to during that period were social distancing and wearing masks, which is why the country is recoding a high transmission rate of this deadly virus.

Lebanon is recording unprecedented COVID numbers beyond the widest predictions ever, and with no time, the country will be struggling to serve all patients sent to hospitals.

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