34 People Feared Dead Following the Deadly Earthquake that Hit Indonesia

34 People Feared Dead Following the Deadly Earthquake that Hit Indonesia

Indonesia is in the limelight due to a catastrophic 6.2 magnitude earthquake that has taken the lives of about 34 people. Many other people are trapped or injured.

When we thought the worst calamities or scenarios ended with 2020, it seems we are back to witnessing the worst of days. Last year, it wasn’t all good for the Indonesians following the COVID-19 pandemic, with over 896k coronavirus cases and more than 25k deaths in the nation.

However, Indonesians were coping well despite a deadly virus that’s still affecting the world, and the numbers are nearly 95 million coronavirus cases and more than 2 million deaths globally.

Just a few minutes after midnight Friday, the 6.2 magnitude quake hit Indonesia’s Sulawesi Island. The outcome was 34 people lost their lives, triggered landslides, and the toppling of homes and buildings.

Reports coming in is that more than 600 people suffered in one way or another through injuries, or got trapped, while others lost their homes and means of livelihood.

As we speak, most Indonesians around the area have fled from their homes because of fears of another quake occurring or more catastrophic events might follow. The Indonesian authorities are yet to release the collect information about the earthquake’s full scale and how many casualties are expected, together with the damage level.

There are still more people trapped or buried in the rubble of collapsed buildings and homes hit by the earthquake. The response teams are on the ground, trying to help the trapped survivors.

There was a video surfacing all over the internet, showing a girl trapped in wreckage crying for help, and she also talked of how other family members are still trapped in the same house. The rescuers explained that they needed an excavator to save the girl and her family members.

We also saw another video of a father asking rescuers to save his children trapped in their toppled house.

Those and more people are feared to be dead or trapped under all the wreckage left by the earthquake, which has displaced thousands of people now living in temporary shelters. We can’t wait for all this menace to end when the new year is just in its two weeks.  

The rescuers retrieved 26 bodies in Mamuju trapped in building wreckage. According to the Indonesian disaster agency, the other 8 people were in Majene district, which neighbors Mamuju, bringing the total death toll to 34.

The primary challenge prohibiting the rescuers from helping more people is the lack of heavy equipment needed for clearing the rubble to get to the survivors without jeopardizing their lives. They are now racing against time to rescue about 20 survivors trapped in eight buildings.

President Joko Widodo has given out a direct emergency order to have the relevant agencies go on and try to rescue everyone as quickly as possible.

Indonesia is a highly populated country with over 260 million people, and this is not the first earthquake to strike it, but we hope it will be the last.

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