Seattle Seahawks WR Josh Gordon to Return in Week 16 Following NFL Reinstation

Seattle Seahawks WR Josh Gordon to Return in Week 16 Following NFL Reinstation

As always, the NFL has the right to ban players or even reschedule games whenever some protocols or rules aren’t followed. The league set rules/guidelines to be adhered to after the return of the NFL 2020 regular season in mid-September amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

As it stands, the NFL is heading to week 13 out of 17 with all the risks posed by the coronavirus. News coming in is that Wide Receiver Josh Gordon, who plays for the Seattle Seahawks, has been given the limelight to play in the final two games of the season, including the playoffs.

On Thursday, the NFL, through its Commissioner Roger Goodell, announced that they have decided to reinstate WR Josh Gordon conditionally.

Gordon has faced six different suspensions during his NFL career, and he has come open to confess about his battles with mental health and addiction. The recent suspension was after he was caught using performance-enhancing drugs and substance abuse, which violated the NFL’s rules on players using prohibited drugs.

Gordon was even lucky enough to have the NFL allow him to play in the about to conclude 2020 season. He could have faced a stricter NFL decision that could see him miss the current season and the next year’s season.

But for the fact that he has admitted to his wrongdoing and his fights against addiction and mental health, the NFL believes he won’t be violating their substance and drug abuse policy. He needs to go therapy and follow all the other steps to make him say no to the abuse of drugs.

The NFL governing body decisions are unbiased. They look into different matters before announcing their final judgment on players who have been found abusing drugs for all sorts of personal reasons. And it was good for Gordon to receive a pardon from the NFL, and now he can be able to set things straight as he prepares to play the few games remaining in the NFL 2020 regular season.

In November 2019, the Seattle Seahawks grabbed Gordon from the New England Patriots. He went on to catch seven passes for 139 yards for the five games he played in the same year he signed with them.

In December 2019, Gordon was then suspended a month later, and it’s in 2020 September when the Seahawks signed him again after he applied for the reinstalment.

Josh Gordon, 29-years-old, will be returning to the NFL following the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, he will be subjected to several COVID-19 tests before being allowed back at the Seattle Seahawks training facilities.

However, once Gordon is back, he will be allowed to participate in all team and individual meetings with coaches. But he won’t be allowed to practice with the team, or travel, or even attend games until Game Week 16.

On December 21, Seattle Seahawks WR Josh Gordon will be eligible to play against the Los Angeles Rams, and we hope he can help push the team to the playoffs.

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