Cleveland Browns Defensive End Myles Garrett Walks Us Through His COVID-19 Symptoms

Cleveland Browns Defensive End Myles Garrett Walks Us Through His COVID-19 Symptoms

At the end of 2019, the world was struck by a deadly virus termed coronavirus (commonly referred to as COVID-19). The virus so far has recorded over 67.3 million cases with a death toll of 1.5 million globally.

The good news is that a vaccine is on the way after several medical research laboratories have said to have manufactured a viable cure for the disease. But the vaccine is yet to be approved by the FDA.

As the coronavirus cases are still recorded daily globally in the last one year, the sports world was not spared, be it football, basketball, or the NFL. 

Myles Garrett, who plays for the Cleveland Browns as a Defensive End, is the latest NFL player to contract the deadly virus, and he comes out to explain how COVID-19 “kicked his butt.”

According to Garrett, he had a fever, his head ached, his whole body ached, and his eyes hurt. That’s not all! He lost his sense of smell and was regularly coughing and sneezing for almost two weeks.

He was isolated at home, and as he laid on his couch, he wondered how he had contracted the COVID-19. This is because none of his family members, parents, friends, or anybody around him had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Garret jokingly stated that 2020 is an interesting year, and all of us are trying to carry on through it. He is yet to know whether he contracted the virus during a match game, at his club’s facilities, or even at the grocery stores. But he is thankful he was able to pull through such a life-threatening time.

Garret is expected to return on Sunday, having missed two games through his recovery from the COVID-19. He is determined that his game level won’t be affected as his team faces the Tennessee Titans in Nashville.

He explained via zoom how he would continue doing his job as a defensive end as he was doing before, and there won’t be any drop-off.

On Tuesday, Garret was activated from the COVID-19 reserve list and practiced on Wednesday. He explained how he felt like he had been away for months when it was just two weeks. But getting back on the field brought back his groove, and everything is going and moving as expected.

Cleveland Browns coach Kevin Stefanski believes Garrett’s return will bring the much-need defensive boost for the team, but he will watch how he performs come on Sunday. Stefanski added that Garret was excited to be back, and he is really good, but they will continue monitoring him until he is good to go. They don’t want to take any chances during the Sunday game after he came from COVID-19 recovery.

Myles Garrett is in good shape and health after the medical staff at Cleveland Browns told him that there was no abnormality found with his heart or lungs after a bout with COVID-19. He can’t wait to get back on the field after two weeks of pain.

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