Republican Senators Join Biden’s call for U.S. Intelligence Briefing

Republican Senators Join Biden’s call for U.S. Intelligence Briefing

Former US President Donald Trump challenged the results and is delaying the transition. He has yet to leave office for President-elect Joe Biden. This stopped Joe Biden, who received 290 electoral college votes, from accessing the US intelligence briefing.

The Presidential Daily Briefing (PDB) is an extremely secret daily briefing of the most sensitive intelligence unit in the country to the President and serves to provide the President with comprehensive information and preparation.

Biden, the White House winner, is entitled to the PDB briefing even if Trump questions the election. In 2000, outgoing President Bill Clinton had then-Governor George W. Bush read the daily report when the presidential election was pending after a call to re-count the votes in Florida.

But Trump didn’t follow Clinton’s move either, and Republican senators joined Biden’s call for U.S. intelligence.

One of the Republican Senators is James Lankford, who on Wednesday said he would step in if Trump doesn’t loop in Biden as soon as possible. The senator said he has already started getting involved in this area and if it doesn’t happen by Friday he will step in and push. He added that this must be done regardless of the election result.

According to the Senator, the vice-president-elect, Kamala Harris, who already has security clearance as was one member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, should get the briefing and it shouldn’t be a problem.

When Senator Lankford repeated the call on Thursday, other Senators including Chuck Grassley, John Thune and Lindsey Graham joined the circle to call that Biden should get the intelligence briefing.

When reporters asked Senator Grassley to give a thought on whether or not Biden should get the US intelligence briefing, the answer was yes.

National security and intelligence pundits also hope Trump will change his mind as soon as possible, as the new president needs to be fully informed, prepared and ready to deal with potential national security issues from day one in office.

Former Michigan Republican representative Mike Rogers said their opponents are not waiting for the transition.

The former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee added that Joe Biden should have received the President’s daily briefing as of that day. The new president needs to be aware of the latest threats and plan accordingly, as this is not about politics, but national security.

According to experts, if Biden does not get access to PDBs as soon as possible, problems will be difficult to resolve on day one as some of them may take advantage of the delayed transition and initiation.

For example, if Trump does not renew or renegotiate a new nuclear weapons deal with Russia before Biden takes office, the president will have a short time to act before it expires. The deal is the only remaining treaty between these two largest nuclear arsenals, and it has been predicted that Russia could take advantage of the situation and keep some weapons out of the treaty.

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