Four Buffalo Bills Players Placed on Reserve List After Cornerback Josh Norman Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Four Buffalo Bills Players Placed on Reserve List After Cornerback Josh Norman Tested Positive for Coronavirus

The battle against the COVID-19 is nowhere near to end as the pandemic continues worldwide as the infection rate keeps on sky rocking each day. In Mid-March, the first case of COVID-19 was recorded in the United States, and we are at a high rate at the moment, with the fear that the worst is yet to come.

The coronavirus’s epicenter originated at Wuhan in China when the outbreak of the virus began in December before it escalated across the world. The virus is airborne, making it deadly as the transmission mode is through coughing and touching infected surfaces.

The world of professional sports witnessed the full wrath of the virus as many leagues opted to cancel their 2020 season out of fear of the COVID-19, and later on, others resumed with contingency plans to savage their 2020 season.

The contingency plans are set to help mitigate the spread of the virus, with the main purpose being to safeguard the players and their respective communities.

The NFL has been adamant towards ensuring the 2020 season goes on without ceasing by providing protocols to be followed to the letter by the 32-teams in the league.

A few months ago, the NFL posed huge fines on those who failed to adhere to the COVID-19 protocols, including the wearing of face masks and violating the social distancing.

As the 2020 season continues amid the COVID-19 numerous teams, have witnessed the coronavirus outbreak among their players, coaches, and staff members.

On Saturday, Buffalo Bills joined the list after their cornerback Josh Norman tested positive for the COVID-19, as he was set to return from a hamstring injury.

The teams initiated the NFL intensive protocol by conducting contact tracing following Norman positive test for the COVID-19 and found out 3 of their prominent players at a high-risk namely;

  • Tight end Tyler Kroft
  • Cornerback Levi Wallace
  • Safety Dean Marlowe

They are believed to have come in close contact with Norman before he tested positive for the coronavirus. Also, they will not be traveling to Arizona for their Week 10 game against the Arizona Cardinals.

The three players and Norman will miss out on that game as they are mandatory in self-quarantine and will be tested daily for the coronavirus for the coming days before they are allowed to get back to the team.

The Buffalo Bills are in a tight spot as their four starting players won’t play in their Week 10 games as they are in self-quarantine. The backups will need all the luck they can get to safeguard and continue with their winning streak.

The Bills have elevated five players as backups from the practice squad as follows:

  • Cornerback Daryl Worley
  • Linebacker Darron Lee
  • Cornerback Dane Jackson
  • Wide Receiver Jake Kumerow
  • Safety Josh Thomas

The weight to maintain and prolong their winning streak will be laying on their shoulders come Sunday game against the Arizona Cardinals in their Week 10 game.

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