Biden’s Victory an impact on Afghanistan peace

Biden’s Victory an impact on Afghanistan peace

Joe Biden is now the 46th president-elected in the United States. As he prepares to enter the White House, some things are set to change. Former President Donald Trump and his administration pushed for some things that Biden’s new administration might or might not consider.

According to various analysts, one thing that is being pursued by Trump’s administration that does not appear to be affected by the new administration is the peace of Afghanistan. It has been predicted that Biden will largely stay on course set by the outgoing president.

However, a difference in implementation is also expected. With some Afghans hoping the new president will make fewer concessions to the Taliban, Biden is more likely to hold them accountable.

Afghan leaders in the Qatari capital, Doha, have been embroiled in peace talks with the Taliban. But on Monday, Sarwar Danish, the second vice president of Afghanistan made a new offer to the new US president to review the peace process and put more pressure on the Taliban, who had reached an agreement with the US to reduce violence.

With the right steps taken by the new US administration, it can provide support to the Afghan government negotiators in the intra-Afghan peace talks that they lacked voice and struggled since its launch in September.

Andrew Watkins, a leading analyst on the Afghanistan crisis, predicted the Biden administration would be more likely to listen to concerns from allies, including those in Kabul. It will also review its national security facility and adjust some guidelines to ensure its continued stability as much as possible.

Watkins’ views were also confirmed by Sultan Barakat, a director of the Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies at the Doha Institute. The director added that logistical decisions to reduce US troops will continue and that the 20-year US war may come to an end.

He added that Biden could follow the strategy of explaining the reality on the ground in detail to Afghans and Americans. Biden will also need to put more pressure on and keep good regional relations with countries around Afghanistan.

The Taliban have been accused of launching deadly attacks on government forces even when the peace talks were held in Doha. In defense, the group has stated that they did nothing wrong with the February deal they signed with the US.

The agreement reached in February envisaged a gradual withdrawal of US troops, during which the Taliban promised not to let the enemies of the US and its allies use Afghan soil again. A large part of the Afghan US troops has already been withdrawn under the agreement

But the Afghan armed group has again urged the Biden administration to withdraw all US troops by May 2021.

 In a statement, the group said that the Islamic Emirates would like to stress to the newly elected president and the future government that the implementation of the agreement is the most sensible and effective tool to end the conflict between the two countries.

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