Biden prepares executive as Trump refuses to concede

Biden prepares executive as Trump refuses to concede

Everyone in the US and around the world wanted to know who will be declared the Whitehouse Winner. After about four days of waiting, it became clear that Joe Biden, a Democrat, would officially become the 46th President of the United States after gaining over 270 votes for the electoral college and over 74 million votes for the general population.

As of Thursday, when Biden had 264 votes and his main opponent, former US President, and Republican Donald Trump, 214, no one was sure who the proposed winner would be, and five states including Pennsylvania were still counting.

The former Vice President won all votes from the electoral college from born-state, which gave him the required over 270 votes out of 538. Thanks to the votes of the Pennsylvania and Nevada electoral college.

Although Joe Biden has already paused as a winner and delivered a victory speech and prepared his administration, Trump has yet to admit defeat.

The President and his close allies who, after repeated allegations of electoral fraud, still believe they will go to the Supreme Court to question the results.

Trump received over 70 million votes and what is the second-highest in American history for those who lost the presidential re-election. The president appears to have won over 23 states, including his favorite Florida and Texas. He received over 47% of the popular vote and this shows that he also had an extraordinary influence over large parts of the country and had thousands of followers as well.

The President will not regret having been in office for the past four years and having achieved most of what he had promised the Americans and what many of them were his weak point that his opponents had beaten him. In the four years, he spent at Whitehouse, the present has shown some strengths and weaknesses.

His loss implies that he will be the first to lose popular votes in successive elections. In 2016, he won the White House because of the vote of the electoral college, not because of the popular vote. In 2016, Trump only narrowed to key states with higher votes in the electoral college. However, in 2020 he lost both the electoral college vote and the popular vote.

The president is now adding to the list of ten other incumbent presidents who have lost re-election in US history. The last sitting president to lose re-election was George H. W. Bush in 1992. Gerald Ford was also another sitting president, losing his re-election in 1976.

While it is undoubtedly the case that Biden is the 46th President, unless the supreme court does wonders, the Democrat is already preparing his executive orders and will be quick to reverse some of Trump’s actions. This Monday, Joe Biden is due to name the group of scientists and experts who will work to deal with Covid-19, which has killed over 230,000 Americans.

Biden is also to swiftly reverse orders and actions that do not require congressional approval, including the withdrawal of the US from the Paris Weather Change Agreement and the UN-WHO.

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