The US election results pending after three days of counting

The US election results pending after three days of counting

Americans and many other people around the world are watching and waiting to see who will be declared the White House winner in Tuesday’s US presidential election. The count continues, and raw data shows Democrat Joe Biden is ahead of his main Republican antagonist Donald Trump.

Currently, Biden is said to have won 264, while his opponent received 214 out of 538   electoral college votes. To win the White House, you have to get at least 270 electoral college votes. This implies that Biden is only one state away from celebrating victory.

Ballot papers are still being counted in Alaska, North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, key states for determining the final winner. It was even difficult to project the results in these states.

This year’s election has shown that there are many swing states. For example, Biden had previously been predicted to win in Arizona, but as the counting went on his chances dwindled. It is such contrasts of expectation that are putting pressure across the country and supporters wish their candidates the best.

A peaceful march by a group of demonstrators was reported on Wednesday evening. Organized by the unions and Black Voters Matter, the group was calling for every vote to be counted.

Peaceful protests were also reported in Philadelphia on Thursday morning as the counting was still ongoing. It was reported that a small group of people gathered outside the Pennsylvania Convention Center when election officials began their third day of ballot counting.

The group danced to music played by a DJ while shouting that each vote should be counted. There was a small group in the street asking officials not to count the ballots that came in after election day. Because of their demands, there was no doubt that they were Trump’s supporters after he asked the Supreme Court to stop the ballot count.

During the protest, Trump’s legal team held a press conference outside the convention center and displayed a court ruling that allowed them to watch the ballot counting process. Pam Bond, the campaign attorney, told the group of reporters that at that moment they planned to enter the building and the team began to enter the building.

That early morning, Trump led by about 176,000 votes, but his main antagonist had narrowed the gap that previously existed on Wednesday morning when Trump led by 675,000 votes.

Results in the state have been delayed as ballot counting did not have to start until election day. There are still hundreds of thousands of ballot papers sent by mail that have yet to be counted.

The Trump campaign team went to court to stop the Michigan state vote count. They said they were refused to watch the counting process.

While the election results are still on the edge of the razor, both candidates have claimed they will win.

Trump earlier claimed that his opponent is planning to rig the election even without giving evidence.

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