White House race on the spotlight as results start

White House race on the spotlight as results start

On Tuesday, American voters cast their votes to decide who will win the White House for the next term. The race is between Republican President Donald Trump, who seeks re-election, and his main Democratic challenger, former Vice President, veteran Joe Biden.

Most of the polls closed on Tuesday evening, which has been accompanied by fear, agony, pressure, nervousness, and nightmare not just in the US but around the world. Many have been angry and panicked with results from most of the states already decided. Supporters of each party wish their candidates the best.

On Tuesday night, people in the US and around the world waited for the results in some key states. It was reported that most of the searches on Google were “how to deal with election anxiety”.

Dixville Notch was the first to announce its election results. The voting process ended early due to the small population of 12 people, which also made it easy to count the ballots. It was Biden’s first victory when he got five votes while his opponent got nothing. The results were announced hours earlier than most other places.

While Dixville Notch residents were celebrating their results, it was a sad and bad day for a journalist after the dog attack.

Trump is watching the results from the white house after addressing his supporters in Virginia. On the flip side, his opponent Joe Biden spent his night at home in Delaware after a last-minute stop in Pennsylvania, one of the states considered the battlefield.

With the results coming from the central and eastern parts of the country, all eyes are on a few states that are seen as key to deciding who will win the Whitehouse. One of the states is Florida, where 29 votes for the electoral college are crucial for each candidate.

In the early results before 2 a.m., Biden and his supporters had celebrated victories in Washington, California, New York, Illinois, and Massachusetts. On the flip side, Trump and his supporters have celebrated victory in Idaho, Alabama, Missouri, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Few Polls have shown the coronavirus pandemic has been a key factor for voters. The proposed pandemic plan is believed to have made Biden popular across the country. But Trump also had the upper hand in terms of economics.

The US has registered over 230,000 COVID-19 related deaths, more than any other country in the world. Biden blamed Trump’s approach, cl. The president downplayed the claims, saying his approach saved many lives as opposed to causing many deaths.

The country is still registering new Covid-19 cases. In the past few days, when the two candidates touched down in last-minute campaigns, the number of new cases increased with Trump rallies, much more linked to the new infections.

While at the end of the results announcement, people are expected to dance and sing to celebrate their candidate’s victory, it will be one such time the Covid-19 infections will spread.

On the other hand, chaos is expected. The armed forces have already seen erecting a barrier around the White House.

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