Five key states to determine the White House winner

Five key states to determine the White House winner

The results of the US presidential election held on Tuesday are pending. In some key states, counting is still going on to determine the White House winner. The first results have shown that the race is too close and that any of the candidates can celebrate the victory.

Although the early projection shows that Democrat Joe Biden got 264 votes while his main opponent, Republican Donald Trump, got just 214 votes, the results of the five remaining states may flip everything.

According to the US Constitution, to win the White House one must have received at least 270 electoral votes. Each state has its electoral college votes allocation.

Currently, five vital states have yet to finalize the counting of their ballots. The states of Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, and Alaska still have hundreds of thousands of ballot papers sent through the mail.

Postal voting was particularly preferred by Democrats amid the highly contagious Covid-19 that has killed over 230,000 Americans.

While the count has yet to end, the worry of many is to see the results announced and to mention their preferred candidate.

But for Trump, who already has 214 votes in his baskets, to win his re-election means he must win all the remaining states.

On the other hand, it’s kind of easy for Biden, who only has six votes left to get the required 270.

This means that if he wins Arizona or Nevada, he will have the required votes and get the win.

Trump, who is predicted to win North Carolina and Georgia, is going to have a tough mountain to climb as he must also win Pennsylvania and Nevada, the states where Biden is likely to win.

For the president, who is seeking re-election and whose hopes appear to be waning, because even if he wins the state of Pennsylvania and Alaska with his three votes, it will not be enough for him to get the required election 270.

It’s even tighter when the projected results change.

There is no doubt, it seems, that Biden’s road to victory is neither more bleak nor dependent on some states.

For example, if the former Vice President wins Nevada, it is game over. Nevada’s six electoral votes are enough to fill the remaining votes to the required 270.

Initial results suggest that Biden will win the state. At the moment, 86 percent has been counted and Biden claimed 49.3 percent, his opponent 48.7.

Of all the remaining states, Pennsylvania, with its 20 electoral colleges, has the weight like no other. It can be a game change to Trump and a game over to Biden.

With 86 percent of the vote, Trump was in the lead with 51.4 percent, his opponent with 47.3 percent. But as the counting was ongoing, the gap shrank and Biden filled the void.

In this state, results will be delayed due to the ruling that allowed ballots to arrive three days later to be considered provided they are postmarked not after the election day.

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