US election underway as voters deliver verdict

US election underway as voters deliver verdict

Elections are ongoing in the United States and eligible voters are electing the president for the next term. The race takes place between two people, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden.

The first polling station opened in the country was in Hampshire Village. 12 residents of the village of Dixville Notch near the Canadian border were the first to vote. The counting took minutes and Biden got five votes while his main opponent got nothing.

As the voting proceeds there is an expectation that after the counting, chaos may break out. It was reported that on Tuesday, people visited gun shops to buy various weapons for protection.

This may be possible as Trump spends most of his campaign events to destroy public confidence in the voting system, which in the current world pandemic was more like mail-in voting. The president said the system could be vulnerable to fraud and foreign intervention without justification.

In the last few days of the campaign, Trump reopened claims in the state of Pennsylvania by saying that ballot papers arriving late should also be counted. He reiterated claims on Twitter that it would prevent rampant and uncontrolled cheating. He added that this will also lead to street violence if the absentee’s ballots are not taken into account.

This year’s campaign has divided the country historically since the 1970s. The expectation that Trump could dispute the election results will further divide the country politically.

According to the polls, Trump is facing a mountain to climb in his hopes for re-election. 77-year-old Biden has been a leader in almost all recent polls. The former Vice President’s final message to his supporters was that the US needs to restore its soul and get new guidance on the novel coronavirus that has killed over 230,000 people in the US.

Mr. Biden, while in Pittsburgh, said he had a feeling they will come together for a big win. The Democratic presidential candidate, making his third attempt, used the current pandemic as a factor in his campaigns to hit on his opponent. He accused his opponent of not perfect approach to the pandemic and which it left many Americans dead.

His proposed quieter approach and strict adherence to Covid-19 if he wins have drawn the attention of many. The protocol seems to be what the American wants a president in the next term.

Despite the suggestion of many polls, Trumps also made sure he played more souls before the final whistle. He ended his campaign with crowded rallies.

The president ended his campaign on Tuesday in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he ended his campaign rallies in the 2016 election.

Over 100 million people cast their votes early Tuesday, either in person or by post. The turnout is expected to exceed 2016 levels.

In America you can lose the votes and still win the final results. This is the provision of his constitution.

To win the Whitehouse, a presidential candidate must get over 270 of the 538 electoral college votes regardless of whether one has won in popular votes.

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