American elects their leader as Biden takes early lead

American elects their leader as Biden takes early lead

The whole world is closely following the ongoing US elections. Joe Biden, on Democratic tickets, plans to end republican, Donald Trump’s term in office. It has been said that the race is tight and both parties have a chance to win the Whitehouse.

However, if the opinion polls are to be believed, Biden has a chance of winning. Biden was the leader in most of the polls recently contacted in the United States. Even so, under the US Constitution, you can win the election but still lose. It is the electoral college vote that determines who wins the Whitehouse, and you have to get a majority or more than 270 votes out of 538.

The turnout for this year is expected to exceed that of 2016. As of Tuesday, it was reported that over 100 million Americans had already participated in the early voting. According to the US election project, which is tracking the voting process across the country, the turnout is already 72.8 percent of the total turnout in 2016 and is set to break the record.

In those early votes, it was also said that Biden was in the lead. 45 percent of the early votes were registered Democrats, while 30.5 percent were Republicans. However, being a registered member of a party cannot prevent one from voting in any way. But, on the assumption that they have voted on the basis of parties, Biden is in the lead.

It was also alleged that 23.8 percent of early voters were unaffiliated.

Although Republicans said they would perform in large numbers on election day, the Democrats’ early turnout put pressure on Trump. These are some of the reasons why the aspiring president has held large rallies in recent days.

The voter turnout is certainly a record-breaking one. States like Montana and Texas have seen voter turnout earlier than it did in 2016.

The Democrats hope that their early turnout in Texas, one of the battlefield states and vital to the White House race, will help Joe Biden, a Democrat to win in the state since Jimmy Carter in 1976.

Many investors have bet heavily against Trump, which has caused the dollar to weaken. Since Joe Biden proposed a quieter and stricter plan for dealing with Covid-19, which has killed more than 230,000 Americans, he must have a huge package of expenses upon entering the office that can result in huge borrowing.

With that expectation from investors who see Biden win, their bet resulted in the dollar index, which measures the performance of the US dollar against the other six major global currents, falling 0.7 percent. This was the biggest drop in more than a month. This was an early sign that if Biden wins the White House, the strength of the US dollar will decline, and it also explains some of the reasons Trump weighed heavily on the economy during the presidential debates.

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