Trump shuns COVID-19 lockdowns amid increasing new cases

Trump shuns COVID-19 lockdowns amid increasing new cases

Countries around the world are grappling with waves of COVID-19 infections. Although it was a few months ago when other countries celebrated victory over the novel virus that has killed over 1.18 million people worldwide, many are still walking up and down to contain its spread.

France is the latest nation to consider imposing the national lockdown after seeing extreme daily cases since April. Germany is also considering introducing a national emergency lock.

That’s not the case for the US, which even after reporting over 81,000 new cases on Wednesday with a total of over 9 million cases. The president, who campaigns for his re-election, has urged states not impose any lockdowns.

The president faces a tough race against former Vice President Joe Biden, who campaigned against Trump’s approach to combating COVID-19, which killed over 233,000 people in the United States.

Although Biden has said that the current pandemic cannot be stopped by flipping a switch, the US president does not consider the mandate to wear a mask or even to re-impose the lockdown.

The president himself failed to follow the guidelines and ended up being diagnosed with the same virus. Fortunately, it did not end fatally as the president recovered well and embarked on campaigns.

Mr. Biden mocked Mr. Trump about how he dealt with COVID-19, which caused cases to get worse rather than better, saying it was an insult to the victims. The Democratic presidential candidate pledged to do the right thing in the fight against COVID-19 if he took office.

But during a rally at his Delaware home, Mr. Biden said he is not going to campaign by telling lies that he could end the pandemic by flipping a switch.

However, the former vice president did not rule out further lockdowns, but promised to follow the advice of scientists in dealing with the pandemic. He added that even if he wins, it will take hard work to end the pandemic. He also promised to do the right thing from day one.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the BBC’s White House coronavirus task force expert, said Trump’s campaign has inevitably spread COVID-19. He supported the statement by saying that Trump supporters were paying less attention to coronavirus guidelines at his rallies. Many didn’t mind wearing face covering or observing social distance and possibly spreading the virus.

With just five days left before the count begins, Trump and his runner-up are ending their campaign to seek more souls in tight-race states. Their purpose is to convince followers that many Americans did not die of COVID-19 like Biden did.

Over 70 million people have already cast their votes in person or by post. According to the latest opinion polls, Biden was 7 to 12 percent ahead of his main opponent, Mr. Trump.

Most of the voting has been through mail amid the current pandemic. While it was predicted that this would have resulted in less voter turnouts, but that is not the case. It is already more than half the 2016 voter turnout.

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