The Covid-19 pandemic a factor in the 2020 US presidential election

The Covid-19 pandemic a factor in the 2020 US presidential election

The US citizens are about to elect their president for the next term. Two candidates are looking for the presidency. Donald Trump, the current Republican President of the United States, is fighting with the Democrat Joe Biden, the former Vice President.

Different polls have shown that covid-19 is playing a crucial role in the decision of the voters. Although other crucial things such as race and economy emerged from two debates between these two candidates, Covid-19 appears to have had the largest part in deciding who the voters will vote for.

Many American citizens have said for months that they don’t like the way President Trump handled the pandemic. This has hurt Trump’s support in most of the key battlefield states.

The latest RealClearPolitics polls found that 40.6 percent of eligible voters saw nothing wrong with how Trump handled the pandemic, while about 56.6 disproved it.

Though Trump downplayed the seriousness of covid-19 for most of the time, data places the US at the top with the highest number of cases and deaths than any other country around the world. The president, who has claimed from the start that the pandemic will go away, has ignored the Covid-19 policy at most of his rallies. In public, he claimed the US had gotten a grip on the virus, but recent data on new cases contradicts the president’s claim.

One thing that it is certain of is that the pandemic will affect the voting decision on election day. Although the Pew Research Center revealed in one of their polls that nearly half of voters make a party-based decision, eight to two percent of Biden’s supporters were due to his proposed approach to the pandemic if he wins.

The polls also found that around 24 percent of Trump supporters say Covid-19 will be an important aspect to consider when voting.

The pandemic not only affects voters’ decisions but also how the election campaign is conducted. When the virus peaked in the US, it forced lockdowns and restrictions. One of the restrictions was on public gatherings.

There is no doubt that the pandemic affected the campaign events. With a ban on large gatherings, it was difficult for activists to reach a large active audience.

If it was not for Trump, who was the first to hold jam-packed rallies in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in June, the campaign would have been virtual. The president chose to disregard covid-19’s guidelines and held the event, and so it was for his main antagonist, Joe Biden.

The president himself was diagnosed with Covid-19 and for the ten days, he was hospitalized his campaign plans had stalled. He then decided to only storm into states that are considered battlefields. The president was berated by Biden for hosting campaign events, where most of the attendees were not wearing a mask and ignoring social distance.

Biden’s election campaign events were also affected by the current pandemic. In addition to reducing the number of rallies for personal participation, he was sometimes forced to address the rally in parking with his supporters in their vehicles.

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