French government imposes a second national lockdown

French government imposes a second national lockdown

No vaccine has been approved after 11 months since the first cases were confirmed in China, and countries are going through various waves of Covid-19 infections.

France, one of the countries still struggling to contain the spread of this novel coronavirus, was forced to reinstate the national lockdown after cases were sparked across the country.

French President Emmanuel Macron has declared a second national lockdown that will be in place until at least the end of November.

While making the statement, the President issued a policy that will be in effect this Friday. The policy does not allow anyone to leave their home except for essential work or medical reasons.

Mr. Macron said the new measures will only allow people to leave the home for significant work-related or medical reasons as of Friday. It was also ordered that non-essential businesses such as bars and restaurants remain closed. However, schools and other factories that deal with essential goods will continue to operate.

The announcement comes after the country registered 36,437 new cases on Wednesday. It was the highest daily record since April, bringing the total number of cases to 1,235,132. Approximately 35,785 deaths have been confirmed nationwide since the first case was confirmed.

Mr. Macron has said that France is in danger of being overwhelmed by the second wave of Covid-19 which, in no doubt, will be harder than the first wave.

During the announcement on Wednesday, the president said the country will now have to brutally reapply some of the restrictions so as not to be submerged in the acceleration of the pandemic.

In a televised address, Mr. Macron said that covid-19 is circulating at a rate that is more than what pessimistic predicted.

The president also said half of the available intensive care beds were occupied by Covid-19 patients.

However, in the new rules, people do not need to fill out a form to justify the reason for leaving their home, as was the case with the first national lockdown in March. But, as with the first national lockdown, public gatherings were banned.

The president said that, as in the first lockdown, people are only allowed to leave their homes if they go to work for medical reasons, offer help to a relative, shop for essential goods, or go for a walk near their homes.

To ensure the economy did not stall or collapse, the president kept factories and public services running. He added that unlike the initial lockdown that prohibited visits to nursing homes, in this second lockdown it has been allowed.

The new rules will apply until December 1st and will be reviewed every two weeks. The president was optimistic that the rules will not go beyond Christmas as the families will want to reunite.

France isn’t the only country that has considered recalling the lockdown restriction. There are still curfews in many countries. Germany is also considering introducing an emergency lockdown, but will not be as severe as the previous one.

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