Millions of Americans cast their votes before election night

Millions of Americans cast their votes before election night

It takes Americans less than a week to find out who their next president is. While Trump can extend his term in office by winning the upcoming election, recent opinion polls say the opposite of what he wants to hear. The president is 7 to 12 percent behind his main opponent, Joe Biden.

But with some states voting one way or another and perhaps determining the outcome, the race between these two presidential candidates can be closer than it is in opinion polls.

Both candidates will be excited to see the results on November 3rd. The voting has been by mail, amid the existing fear of the contagious Covid-19 that claims lives around the world.

Trump and his campaign team used to criticize the system because it will be prone to fraud and foreign intervention, but it’s a system that people have adopted with a record who has already cast their vote.

It has been confirmed that over 70 million US citizens have already cast their votes in person or by mail. This is already around half of all voters who turned out  in 2016.

There was misinformation about this year’s elections via social media platforms. The owners of Twitter, Facebook, and Google have been asked to regulate the information on their platform. The CEOs of these platforms are due to answer questions later in Congress about how they will do this.

In the meantime, the campaign team is at the last minute trying to win some souls before the deadline. Trump and the Republican team will hold two rallies in Arizona, a state considered a battlefield. The polls show that Biden is ahead.

On Tuesday, his supporters were slated to fight the cold after a lack of buses to take them from where their leader spoke and to where they had parked their cars after a rally in Omaha, Nebraska. According to journalists, some supporters gave up the wait and chose to return to where their cars were parked by walking.

Biden will also hold a rally in Delaware to give a speech to supporters about his plans to fight Covid-19. His speech will be very important as the coronavirus continues to rise across the country, with the likelihood of a third wave of the pandemic.

The former vice president, who is aiming for the presidency on the democracy ticket, has been a criticizer of Trump and his administration for how they dealt with the pandemic. It is an aspect that Democrats has used to hit on Trump.

During a rally in Georgia on Tuesday, Joe Biden continued to criticize Trump, saying his approach resulted in more than 225,000 deaths among Americans.

In defense, Trump said during a campaign rally in Michigan on Tuesday that his increase in tests had increased the number.

However, an NBC analysis recently found that Covid-19 test rates have fallen in some states, but cases are still on the rise.

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