US Vice President’s chief of staff tests positive for COVID-19

US Vice President’s chief of staff tests positive for COVID-19

While the campaign is peaking in the US, this may be a setback for Vice President Mike Pence after his chief of staff Marc Short tested positive for novel coronavirus.

The statement released by the Vice President’s Office said the chief of staff, who is now Mike Pence’s second top aide diagnosed with coronavirus, has started self-isolation and the contact tracing process is ongoing.

Pence’s secretary, Devin O’Malley, said the vice president and his wife tested negative and are in good health. The secretary’s statement states that Mr. Pence is considered to be in close contact with Mr. Short. However, when consulting the White House Medical Department, the Vice President will stick to his schedule, but follow CDC guidelines for essential personnel.

The President, Mr. Donald Trump, also confirmed that he had heard of the surprise news when he returned to Washington after campaigning rallies in Ohio. The President wished Mr. Short all the best.

Confirmation that Mr. Short tested positive for contagious coronavirus came after Marty Obst, another top aide to Pence, who was diagnosed with the same virus early last week.

Now potential contacts need to be monitored throughout the pence schedule. The vice president traveled to Florida on Saturday and hosted campaign events in Tallahassee and Lakeland.

As he got off in Florida, Pence appeared to be jogging across the tarmac without a mask, approaching the podium.

There are only seven days left before the Americans decide on their new leader and Pence, who now has a tight schedule to tour different states and win over voters at the last minute. Such news that his top aide tested positive for COVID-19 can be set back.

More often, the Vice President has been reluctant to use the mask on board and has been with his aide at rallies in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire, and possibly must have been exposed to the virus even after test show he is negative.

Mr.  Short was common at almost all pence rallies, and in most cases, the two were seen together without face masks. Both used Air Force Two earlier last week. They had last traveled together on Thursday and Friday and nobody wore the mask.

The news also implies that Pence has lost one of his crucial task force that stood up as an adjutant for a business-minded approach to tackling the pandemic.

However, the vice president plans to continue the campaign rallies, which is contrary to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Guidelines, which says that one should be isolated for 14 days after possible contact with the COVID-19 person. On Sunday, the vice president traveled to North Carolina for another rally. Since it was first confirmed by China in late 2019, the US has confirmed 8,905,632 positive cases and 230,604 COVID-19 deaths to date. This virus has been one of the key aspects that Democrats used to hit the president who seeks re-election in his election campaigns.

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