China Kick starts massive COVID-19 tests across Kashgar city

China Kick starts massive COVID-19 tests across Kashgar city

The COVID-19, a world pandemic, is still rocking in different countries. In about eleven months since the first case was confirmed in Wuhan, one of the provinces in China, no approved vaccine has been found, with anticipated vaccines in their final stages of the trial.

China, where the outbreak began and hit the headlines with daily deaths from this novel coronavirus, has seen various waves in dealing with this world pandemic.

Amid the ups and downs of the infection rate in China, they have so far confirmed around 85,910 positive cases and 4,634 deaths.

The country quickly issued local bans, yielding some results around the time other countries like the US were now witnessing the strong wave of infections. China became the first country to return to normal after the worst part of the virus, and even its leaders celebrated getting over the virus. Thanks to their intensive testing, tracking and isolation scheme that paid with results.

Even though they appeared to have controlled the spread of the virus, they were still reporting new cases.

But authorities were smart enough to tackle these small outbreaks with instant mass tests.

The mass tests were first conducted in Wuhan city, the source of the virus. In May, all of Wuhan’s 11m people were passed through the testing process. Moreover, at the beginning of this month, the country launched mass tests in Qingdao, the city of around nine million people.

And now mass tests have been rolled out across the entire city of Kashgar after a small outbreak is reported in Xinjiang province and about slated 4.7 million residents are to be tested.

The province has been home to most of china’s Muslims. There is speculation that this Uighur minority is being persecuted by the Beijing government.

Schools in Kashgar have been closed amid the reported small outbreak in the province. Besides, people are only allowed to leave the city if they present a negative COVID-19 test report.

The first case to be confirmed in Kashgar City was an asymptomatic woman. The woman works in a textile factory in Shufu County on the outskirts of the city.

During the routine tests, the woman was diagnosed with the virus as described by the state media. It was a positive case to be confirmed in mainland China after ten days with no case.

And widespread testing was rolled out on Saturday, which has so far uncovered an additional 137 new cases, both of which are asymptomatic. These are the highest daily asymptomatic coronavirus cases reported in about seven months, according to the Xinjiang Regional Health Commission.

More than 2.8 million tests had been carried out as of Sunday, and city officials said the exercise will be completed in two days.

In the early stages of the virus in China, Xinjiang was strictly on lockdown despite only reporting 70 cases. Although many complained that the rules were strict, it later paid off. But, now it is battling what appears to be another wave of infection.

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