Biden to Restore US relations on winning the coming election

Biden to Restore US relations on winning the coming election

It is in the last minutes of the campaign before the Americans decide on their next leader on November 3rd. Trump, the current US president, is in the running and faces tough competition from former vice president Joe Biden.

Recent opinion polls have put Biden at the top of his challenger, and while there are few states that can vote on either side, the former vice president still has the highest odds.

If it happens like the recent polls in the country, the US will see changes such as: A change in approaches to allies, a change in climate, and so many other things.

While Trump praised autocrats and insulted allies in his first term, Joe Biden’s manifesto spearheaded a full plan to repair strained relationships, particularly within NATO, and re-join global alliances.

In the first case, Biden is considering returning to the World Health Organization. The Trump administration withdrew its support for the UN body after claiming that the agency covered China in the fight against the world pandemic, Covid-19.

In order to save America’s damaged image, Biden will try to restore such a relationship that the Trump administration tainted.

The Biden government will also make the fight against climate change a priority. They will rejoin the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, one of the international agreements that the Trump administration rejected.

Mr. Trump has viewed the fight against global warming as an enemy of the economy. The President himself has promoted the use of fossil fuels and reversed some of the existing environmental and climate regulations.

This is the opposite of Biden, who is promoting an ambitious $ 2 billion plan to meet the Paris emissions reduction goal. The Democratic presidential candidate will achieve the goal by building a clean energy economy while creating millions of jobs.

While this will help reduce the risk of the planet warming to a certain percentage, it is important for everyone.

In addition, when Biden walks into the office, US relations with Iran will be enhanced after it had deteriorated over downsizing of its nuclear program.

Trump pulled back in 2018, saying the international deal was too tight to deal with the threats posed by Iran. The Trump administration also said the arms control deal was too weak to restrict Iran’s participation in nuclear activities as it has a timeframe that was to expire over time.

US support for the Saudi Arabia-led war in Yemen will also see a new face if Biden wins these upcoming elections. The war resulted in the death of many civilians and led to opposition to US involvement by the left.

The support is only thanks to the close Arab ally of Saudi Arabia, who is also in the alliance against Iran. Analysts have said that Biden will end support.

Relations between the US and Israel will also change. Biden was a longtime supporter of Israel. Although the Trump administration has not had a bad relationship with Israel, analysts say it is unlikely that Biden will adopt current policies on the occupied West Bank, including declaring that the Israelite settlements are not in violation of international law.

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