Biden to face Trump in final US presidential debate

Biden to face Trump in final US presidential debate

The stage is planned, the event is now apparent, and all eyes will be on what is about to happen at Belmont University in Nashville. This evening, Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, will debate against US President Donald Trump, who is seeking a second term on the Republic ticket.  

Trump and Biden were supposed to face each other in three separate head-to-head debates, but because of the current world pandemic and after the president was also diagnosed, it had to be cancelled. The president also refused to take part in the second virtual debate, which was scheduled for October 15 out of fear of the contagious coronavirus.

Today’s debate will be the last head-to-head meeting between the two candidates, just weeks away from election day on November 3rd.

The first debate between these two candidates became almost chaotic when each candidate interrupted each other. The candidates ripped chunks out of each other on their records and when discussing issues such as coronavirus, racism, and the economy.

For the reason that this is not the case in today’s debate, there have been new changes. The organizers of the second debate announced that there will be a mute button to ensure that each candidate can speak without any interruptions.

Also, in today’s debate, the microphones are being turned off to offer two minutes of uninterrupted speaking time for each candidate per topic to avoid the farce moments observed when they first met.

It has been said that today’s debate will last about 90 minutes and be divided into 15-minute segments with different topics per segment.

Kristen Welker, a journalist who works for NBC, will be host for today. Although unfounded, Trump has already claimed that the moderator will give Biden an edge because he is a deep-left democrat.

To some extent, the attack on today’s host may be true after a New York Post said Welker’s parents made donations to Democratic politicians in the past. The post also attacked the moderator because of his devastating questioning style.

The post left many divided, some defending the moderator. One man defending Welker is Jason Miller. Senior Trump’s advisor said Welker was a good choice and would do an excellent job as moderator for today’s debate.

There are a few topics to be discussed this evening. These include the fight against COVID-19, races in America, American families, climate change, leadership, and national security.

Because of the current global pandemic, both the Republican and Democratic presidential campaigns have changed dramatically. These debates have become more important than in previous years. They are the main channels through which candidates can broadcast their manifestations and reach the main audience.

This is why, even after Trump previously stated he was not going to attend, the President had to change his mind and will take the last chance tonight to reach a large prime-time audience before the voting night on the 3rd of the coming month.

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