President Trump returns to campaigning after battling Covid-19

President Trump returns to campaigning after battling Covid-19

The US President Donald Trump has returned to the campaign after a two-week fight against Covid-19. The president will fight for re-election when he faces his main opponent Joe Biden on November 3rd.

The president has not had an outdoor speech since testing for covid-19 two weeks ago, and it first came to Florida. The president is scheduled to tour the state over the next four days. The state is one of those states where the real battle is only expected three weeks before the general election.

The latest public opinion polls have shown that Mr. Trump is ten points behind Mr. Biden nationally. However, the Democrat also has low popularity in some key states like Florida, where he only has 3.7 points according to polls by Real Clear Politics.

Each state has an allotted electoral vote. To get the required 270 electoral college votes, there are key states that every candidate works on to emerge victoriously.

The president, who got on well with the campaign, received a stumbling block after testing positive for covid-19 11 days ago. A day later, he was admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center, where he received a series of mixed treatments until he recovered.

On Sunday, his medical team said the president was corona free and had no risk of spreading after taking multiple negative tests on consecutive days. However, the dates were not disclosed.

The president’s outdoor campaign in Sanford since testing positive for novel coronavirus was marked by the usual “four more years” chants from supporters who gathered to hear from their beloved leader. It started with the queues of hundreds of people struggling to enter the open space that the president was supposed address from.

People’s temperature was checked and face-covering was given if they didn’t bring one with them when entering the airspace. Some of those who introduced themselves said they admired the president for it.

While Trump’s campaign team knows that a loss in Florida will make his White House return nearly impossible, they tossed it all into the community.

In 2016, President Narrowly won the state, and this year he wants and must win the state. Florida is his adoptive state, where he settled after living in New York for many years.

Although President Biden appears to be lagging behind Mr. Biden in opinion polls, it is not the number of individual ballots that determines the White House winner, but the votes of the electoral college under the U.S. Constitution and this may still give Trump a chance to win this re-election only by winning the key areas.

The president’s schedule will see him in Pennsylvania, Iowa, and later in North Carolina in the coming days. During these events, the president will be closely watched for any signs that he has changed his approach to the precautions for Covid-19.

The president has been criticized for failing to encourage followers to wear protective masks or to adhere to social distancing guidelines. White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who is self-isolating after also testing positive for this novel coronavirus, said the rally will be advised to wear face masks and sanitize during the upcoming events.

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