NFL’s COVID-19 Status Worsens as Players from Three Teams Test Positive

NFL’s COVID-19 Status Worsens as Players from Three Teams Test Positive

By early March, the sports world was shut down indefinitely due to fears of the coronavirus pandemic that started way back in December 2019 in Wuhan, China.

The world had to deal with a deadly virus capable of wiping us from the face of the earth, and certain health and safety protocols had to be followed by all people from different walks of life. Some of the protocols included social distancing, washing hands regularly, and wearing masks.

Currently, the sports world has resumed after the world was able to adapt to living with the COVID-19 among us.

The NFL resumed back in mid-September, and as the league progresses to Week 4, coronavirus issues are rising after players from three different teams tested positive. They include two Tennessee Titans players, one New England Patriots player, and a Las Vegas Raiders player.

The new coronavirus cases have led to the postponement of different games, and the current match in doubt right now is between the Titans and Patriots. Additionally, the Titans were prohibited from opening their club facilities for in-person activities.

As we speak, the NFL, together with the NFL Players Association, are probing the rise in COVID-19 cases in the league and how the outbreak might widen if not controlled. However, the NFL is yet to hint on the possibility of pausing the resumed 2020 competition. 

They still believe that its health and safety protocol will work effectively when correctly followed.

Experts familiar with the league suggest that the NFL is giving serious consideration to adding an extra week, the 18th, which will accommodate all the postponed games.

On Monday, Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, released a memo to stress adherence to the protocols set to maintain a COVID-safe environment and how violations of those protocols could result in the loss of draft picks and game forfeits.

From the three teams with positive cases of COVID-19, only the Raiders can access their facilities where they even practiced because they only had one positive test. However, the Titan’s facilities remain closed from last week, while the Patriot’s facility was closed on Wednesday.

Come Sunday Night Football, and there are doubts about whether the scheduled games will play, where we have the Titans playing the Bills, the Patriots hosting the Broncos, and the Raiders against the Chiefs.

COVID-19 cases in the league is a significant setback that disrupts the 2020 NFL schedule and shows how it’s quite difficult for the NFL operating during the pandemic.

On Wednesday, the NFLPA’s Medical Director, Thom Mayer, released a written statement. It emphasized how the virus is still very much a threat to the NFL 2020 regular season and the safety of everyone, be it the players, coaches, staff, and all other personnel.

The NFL is still adamant that the resumed 2020 season will still go on as planned. Still, they will continue to monitor any COVID-19 situation arising carefully before making the best decision for all parties involved.

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