The rules for the US presidential debate to be changed after the chaotic first debate

The rules for the US presidential debate to be changed after the chaotic first debate

After Tuesday’s bad-tempered presidential debate, the commission managing the US presidential debates announced that it would introduce new format. This ensures that the remaining two counters between presidential nominee Donald Trump, a Republican, and Joe Biden, a Democrat, are neat and not in line with Tuesday’s debate which was about squabbling, bickering, and insults.

According to the US media report, one of the changes is to turn off the microphones in case a debater tries to interrupt one another. The announcement comes as both candidates are now looking to the next face-to-face encounter, which is due to take place in Miami, Florida on October 15.

The tone and tactics of the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden were criticized not only in the US but around the world. The main area of ​​this debate that has received more critics is Trump’s comment on the far-right group called Proud Boys.

Although Mr. President intended to clarify his comments later on Wednesday, critics have claimed he refused to condemn supremacists.

With the next debate in just two weeks, the Presidential Debate Commission (CPD) said in its statement that the remaining debate will be given a new additional format to ensure a more orderly discussion of the issues.

The non-partisan body, which has been organizing presidential election debates since 1988, said it will carefully examine the changes it will adopt and will announce these new measures shortly.

In the same statement, the Commission also thanked Chris Wallace, the host, for the professionalism and skill he had shown in last night’s debate. The Commission added that it wants to ensure that additional tools are in place to maintain order for the remaining debates.

According to an informed source quoted by CBS News, the commission is due to spend the next 48 hours developing new guidelines and rules for the second debate.

The source added that controlling the debaters’ microphone is a top priority and is intended to prevent them from interrupting each other or the moderator during the debate. Both campaign teams will be informed of the rule changes, but will not be allowed to negotiate against the rules.

President Donald Trump’s campaign has already responded to the announcement that it will criticize the Commission’s plans.

Tim Murtaugh, President Trump’s campaign communicator and who described last Tuesday’s debate as chaotic, was the first to criticize the plans.

In a statement, he said the commission is only doing this because its man was beaten up in that debate. He added that Mr. President   dominated and that Joe Biden is now trying to work the refs.

The communicator made it clear that they should not move the goalposts and change the rules while the game is on. The other person responding to the CPD announcement is Kate Bedingfield. The deputy manager for Mr. Biden’s campaign team said the former vice-president will still participate no what changes and new rules are going to be enacted.

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