Biden and Trump engage in the first white house debate

Biden and Trump engage in the first white house debate

Biden and Trump participated in the first White House debate, which turned out to be chaotic. During the debate, Democratic candidate Joe Biden told the U.S. President and whoever his main opponent on the Republican ticket to shut up.

The debates in Cleveland, Ohio were marked by intense words from both debaters under the host, Chris Wallace of Fox News who was the moderator for that night.

When the two men took the stage, there was no handshake. While understandable given the current pandemic, the lack of traditional greetings symbolized divisions that occurred just weeks before election night on November 3rd.

Trump starred on the show when he went to take on 77-year-old Biden, who threatened the radical left had wrapped the centrist Democrat around its little finger.

The president, who said Biden was not smart, also accused one of his sons of corruption.

During the debate, Trump was sometimes too loud which left Biden, and Wallace, the host, even not to get a word. Angry Biden was forced to silence Trump at some point.

As a countermeasure, Biden also launched a kind of attack on the billionaire president. The Democratic presidential candidate accused Trump of being a liar, a racist, and a clown, and of branding Trump, the Russian president, Vladimir’s puppy.

Aaron Kall, a presidential debate specialist at the University of Michigan, said the debate was one of the worst in US history.

The debate symbolized Biden’s performance in an arena where Trump’s campaign team had been saying for a month that he was going to collapse. Before the night of debate, Republicans had been promoting conspiracy theories that Biden would have needed drugs or an earpiece to secretly get answers during the debate.

There have been fears that the election, due to be made by postal voting due to fear of the currently contagious COVID-19, could become chaotic and that initial debate between candidates adds up to some point.

When both candidates were asked by the moderator if they will stay calm and not declare victory if the vote count was delayed, Biden replied yes.

But Trump made no commitments to say that he cannot go along with thousands of ballot papers being tampered with.

The current COVID-19 was also a topic of debate that night. It’s a flaw that Biden has linked Trump to the over 200,000 deaths recorded in the U.S. and which is over than in other country across the world.

Biden, who turned and faced direct in front of the camera, addressed millions of people who were watching the debate around the world, not just in America but also across the world and dodged Trump over COVID-19.

The former vice president asked people who got up that morning and found empty seats because their family members had died of Covid-19. This showed how Biden felt empathy for suffering that Trump was unable to express. He mocked Trump for his cure suggestions, saying he might inject himself a bleach.

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