US-China tension intensifies

US-China tension intensifies

For some time now, the United States and China have been deeply involved in various topics, including trade, technology, and religion. Tension has increased after US President Donald Trump blamed China for the current global pandemic that has killed 1,000,700 people around the world to date.

Trump has called for China to be held accountable for COVID-19. The president blames China during the ongoing UN summit in New York virtually carried out over fears of this contagious coronavirus.

This year’s summit was different from the previous ones. Each country is only represented by a single delegate, and there is less chance one nation will refute another. The world’s leaders give recorded speeches. The format has also resulted in the absence of some of the geopolitical theaters normally offered at the main UN meeting.

Just like Trump’s norms during his speeches to the gathering, the president took the same opportunity to address his performance and tear it apart into a rival.

Trump said China infected the world. He said the nation that unleashed the COVID-19 badge should be held accountable as an arbitrator for China.

He added that China had blocked domestic travel and allowed outbound flights on the earliest days of the virus that infected the world.

Trump said China was quick to condemn its travel ban to and from their country while they canceled domestic flights and locked their citizens in their homes.

The way the president is handling coronavirus is also under review with some few weeks before the US presidential election.

Trump has been a forefront Beijing accuser of covering up the virus. He repeatedly accused Beijing of failing to quell the spread of the virus at an early stage when it could.

Despite Trump accusing Beijing of not controlling the virus in its early stages, the US tops in both the number of confirmed cases and the deaths. Across the country, 7,309,000 cases and 209,330 deaths have been confirmed.

Experts have said that Trump is trying to divert the attention of many, knowing very well that there are flaws in the way he deals with coronavirus. His emphasis on the US being the first to discover the cure is just a war of superiority.

China has responded to Trump’s claims, calling it an unfounded diversion. Chinese President Xi Jimping said in his speech that China has no intention of entering the Cold War with any country.

Speaking moments after Trump’s speech, the Chinese president warned of the risks of a clash of civilizations. He added that they will continue to narrow the differences and resolve disputes with others through dialogue and negotiation rather than trying to just develop themselves or get involved in the zero-sum game.

President Xi was also more open in the United States, saying that no country had the right to rule global affairs, control the fate of others, or keep development advantages to itself, something that critics accused China of itself.

In addition, the Chinese president said his country is the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter and aims to peak by 2030 and be carbon neutral by 2060.

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