Trump chooses Amy Coney Barrett to replace the Supreme Court Justice

Trump chooses Amy Coney Barrett to replace the Supreme Court Justice

Trump has named Amy Coney Barret to succeed in the US Supreme Court. The nomination surprised many who expected him to do so after the upcoming November election.

Amy Coney Barret, a mother of seven, a longtime academic and appeals judge, was one of the women considered a favorite for the position.

The U.S. Supreme Court has nine constitutional members, and the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has left a vacancy. In the event of a vacancy, the sitting President, Mr. Donald Trump, has to select a candidate and is then approved or rejected by a vote in the Senate.

While it was his chance to tip the court without anyone knowing what might happen with the upcoming election, it only took the president about a week to select a replacement candidate.

The candidate might have surprised many but has a portfolio. Before the Senate vote, Barret is carrying a record on gun rights and immigration cases, which can earn her the most votes.

While Ginsburg was on the left, Barret is considered the right substitute.

Jonathan Turley, professor of law at George Washington University, praised Justice Ginsburg, saying he was one of the judges’ most consistent liberal voting results.

Professor Jonathan added that it seems Barret is the one who can maintain the same consistency in terms of records and engagement. According to the professor, Barret is not in the works like other names previously associated with the role, but it is an ultimate result for conservative votes.

If Barret takes the Senate test, he will make all the difference for decades to come, especially with his stance on abortion law and the Affordable Care Act. Her legal opinion and her attitude towards abortion as well as a gay marriage made her popular, although she received opposition from liberals.

Barret is a devout Catholic but has strictly insisted that her faith cannot encompass her work decisions.

Married to Jesse, a former federal attorney who now owns a private company. Barret lives in South Bend Indiana with her husband.

She graduated from Notre Dame University Law School and graduated from first grade

For most of her career she was a professor at her alma mater, Notre Dame. It’s the same place where he was voted Professor of the Year multiple times.

It is not the first Barret is picked by Trump in the top role. In 2017 she was nominated by Trump as a judge at the Federal Court of Appeals.

Barret stays about an hour and a half away but commutes to court.

It is now evident that Barret Justice is ahead of Lagoa, who was also seen as a favorite candidate and who was previously praised by Trump himself.

Democrats have firmly opposed the appointment of the judiciary until after the elections. Even though, they cited that former US President Barack Obama was also denied the option of making appointment to the Supreme Court at the same time, the only way to prevent this from happening is through the Senate.  Something that can be difficult as the Republicans seem to be in control.

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